Jessica Swift moves and grooves

Jessica Swift is an all around terrific personality!! You will completely warm up to her, I know I did! In this interview she talks about how and why she has diversified her art income. From e courses, art licensing, to manufacturing. Jessica is tireless and brave when it comes to putting herself out there! (BTW, I just love, love, LOVE her website!) She is the perfect example of stretching,  reaching out and not hiding her bright spirit at home waiting to be discovered. So listen up ladies! She also fills us in on all the details about her popular kickstarter campaign for these darling rainboots and an upcoming book! I think Jessica pursues her art career and business with a lot of grace, check out this interview and let her know what you think!  P.S. The Chris Guillbeau book that we mention is The $100 Start Up.

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  • Loved this interview Ladies. I learned a bunch that I did not know about Jessica and her start in art. It was all so honest…and fun.

    I have been glued to my computer doing business stuff. This video so helped. Now I want to step far away from my mac, go to my studio and paint! Thank you for the push Jesssica…


  • So glad you enjoyed it, Colleen! Hope you’ve enjoyed a motivated day in the studio! 🙂

  • Lovely interview ladies. Jessica, I have always admired your work and remember seeing your name for the very first time one year in my fave magazine ‘Artful Blogging’ 🙂 It’s so neat to hear your history and how far you’ve come(and I can totally relate to waiting tables in my early years…ugh!). Monica, as always, I love your interviews…although, it’s (WAAAAY)past my bedtime! LOL.

    • Monica Lee

      Ha! Sorry to have kept you up! I love hearing someone’s history too…it makes me want to keep on keepin’ on!!

  • Love Jessica! Big fan here. Great interview!