Jennifer Tress on her book You’re Not Pretty Enough

Want to know the power of a good cocktail pitch? When I met Jennifer Tress at a cocktail party recently, she told me she authored a book titled “You’re Not Pretty Enough” words uttered by her ex husband as an excuse to his infidelity. Wow! Bam! Instant sisterhood! Turns out her book is a hilarious anthology of all her life’s awkward turning points. What she did not realize was the how those words put together in a sentence were lodged in so many women’s minds.

Can understanding how people find you online changes lives? 

Turns out, yes! When Jennifer built her website to promote her book, she began to see people finding her through organic search engine phrases like “Am I pretty enough?” That started the You’re Not Pretty Enough Action Movement. Jennifer Tress is an independent consultant who has worked with Fortune 500 companies, global non-profits and the U.S. Federal government. Her true passion is as a  writer  and in this interview she tells how self publishing her book via Amazon’s CreatSpace  has led to a national movement, speaking gigs andwait for it…a TV Show! Keep your eye on Jennifer, this girl is goin places! And did I mention that the book is really funny?! You can get it in paperback or in a Kindle version.