Jennifer Nelson: An agent with advice!

Lots of buzz when a new agent appears on the scene. It reminds me of when Emmy nominees are released. (Not exactly the Oscars,  that involves a lot of designer clothing and most artists I know work in comfy pants)

When Jennifer Nelson announced the opening of her art agency, Jennifer Nelson Artists, there was a collective squeal of delight. Everyone wants to know  about her and about the artists she represents.

I am always happy to see an good artist/agent marriage. I think when you have a good partner in your corner, you can really flourish. Over a series of long lunches (Jennifer lives close to me) I quickly saw that Jennifer is a terrific partner to her artists. She is smart, knowledgable and full of excitement that bubbles over. I sat down with her in this interview so she could tell what she and her group are all about, how you can excel with or without an agent and the mentoring she is doing for artists beyond her group.

Her very busy new agency is a GOOD sign for everyone who wants to make money doing art. That  means people are hiring and that there are deals out there. Tune in to this episode to stay motivated.

Her artists are all in different booths at Surtex this year, you can find out what booths they are in on this postThe agency is a fun, colorful follow on Instagram @JenniferNelsonArtists









  • Angela Anderson says:

    What an excellent interview! Jennifer’s enthusiasm is contagious
    and I feel invigorated just from listening to her. Her 5…no wait…6 artists are
    lucky to have her as their agent.

  • LOVE this interview! Jennifer seems so personable and I really appreciated her insight!

  • Such a great interview! Inspiring with such practical wisdom!

  • Liza snyder says:

    Such a great interview! Inspiring with such practical wisdom!

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