Jennifer L. Scott and her 20 Stylish Secrets


I have to finally come to terms with the fact that even though I was born in Italy, I am a Francophile. When I was a flight attendant, no matter how tired I was we we arrived in Paris something just lit up inside me. Gorgeous city. A lot of cafes, a lot of places to sit, talk and enjoy yourself.  I love the pace and grace of European culture and when I picked up Jennifer L. Scott’s book, I practically read it cover to cover in one sitting. I interrupted myself only to email her and ask her for an interview.

Jennifer’s charming  book reveals the lessons that she learned while she was living with a chic family as an exchange student in Paris. I say chic but I also mean sensible. While  it is was a completely entertaining read, it is also lesson in elegant civility.  The chapters Clutter is Not So Chic and Reject the New Materialism hit home for me just as much as Look Presentable Always.  Jennifer is just as charming as her book! In it she talks about trying to lead a thoughtful, cultivated life as the mother of small children in the casual land of Los Angeles. On her popular blog The Daily Connoisseur , she shares more detailed secrets of the book including the hardest of all, Liberate Yourself with the 10 Item Wardrobe. That  has become quite the hot topic!

Bonus takeaway: Listen in to hear just how she went about getting this book published. This just might push YOU into doing something brave for yourself.

Leave a comment below and tell me one thing you could NEVER part with in your wardrobe to win a copy of this fun read!

Madame Chic

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  • BJ Lantz

    Does my entire pashmina collection count as one thing….?

    • yes…my pashmina is like my Linus blankie!

  • I am missing more and more of my silverware. I have no idea where it goes, my theory is that there’s a wormhole in the space/time continuum that leads to a universe entirely populated with socks, pens, silverware and Barbie shoes. Anyway, I say that to say this: Jennifer has inspired me to go get my grandma’s silver out of my basement, polish it up and use it on a daily basis. No more “saving it for later” It will be our every-day dining utensils. On another note, there is no dishwasher at casa Boissonneau, just a space where it will one-day reside. I LONG to empty a dishwasher 🙂

    Thank you so much for this lovely interview! C’était très inspirant!

    • Oh My entire childhood was filled with my mother complaining about Barbie shoes, I see she has not gotten any neater over the years!

  • April Heather Art

    one thing in my wardrobe that I could not part with…hmmmm…I think that would be the cheetah print coat I bought at an antique store several years ago. But then again I do love my cowboy boots….

    • I just ordered a Zebra coat! Ha! Hopefully it will turn into a great wardrobe love!

  • SuzyMcQ

    Hmmm. Very good question, Monica. I think it would be my beloved blue Hermes bag…just kidding….it would be my boots, my brown high to the knee, boots from Michael Kors. It’s April and chilly and I’m still wearing them!

  • denise carey

    The one thing I will not part with is my below the waist black blazer. It can be worn year around, and if accessorized it will complement all of my wardrobe pieces.

  • Libby

    You touch on so many great subjects. Responding to invitations: it is awful awful the way people here don’t respond and are so casual about it.
    As to wardrobe: ah well. That’s why I love France. I love to “dress up” and feel totally comfortable in “good” clothes. LIving in the South helps that!
    I am, of course, a totally devoted Francophile (going again end of May). Being formal appeals to me!
    alright, must stop writing and listen up!

  • Terry Kessinger

    It’s very difficult to pick just one, so I’ll only slightly cheat by saying that I wish not to ever have a wardrobe that doesn’t include my boat neck tops. They’re comfortable and I feel pretty in them no matter what else is going on! Thank you for this giveaway!

  • This interview was so inspiring. I am in the process of clearing out clutter from my house, and I was just telling hubby that I’m going to purge the shoes next. I have shoes in my closet I bought 5+ years ago that I’ve never worn. Then the clothes. My goal is to get rid of the cheap, the stuff that doesn’t fit well or the items I just don’t like anymore.
    I’m with you on the quality thing. I’d rather buy one expensive dress that fits great than 3 that don’t.

    The one thing I couldn’t part with is an Ali Ro print dress I bought a couple of years ago. It’s great for so many occassions. It’s even my go to for meetings replacing my boring lawyer suis.

  • susan childers

    I could NEVER part with my leggings. If they go back out of style, I will have a stockpile in case I can’t buy them! Maybe they are already out of style?!

  • My black linen trousers

  • Phyllis Harris

    I could never part with my black cami…I wear them with skirts and dress them up with a scarf or under blouses or sweaters or alone with jeans or shorts for that classic simple look.

    I so enjoyed this interview!! I love to put on classical music while unloading the dishwasher and I noticed the other day that my grown daughter does the same thing, lol! Living well makes every moment and every day special. 🙂

  • Lee Kellogg

    Loved the interview, thank you Monica and Jennifer. The one thing in my wardrobe: scarves. Yes, I have two or three, but with them, I can dress up even the most basic outfil and look great. Plus they are silk and travel well. I never put them in checked luggage either, just in case. Now to unpack that china I have stashed….

  • meg@

    She has so much poise & passion. I love learning from women like her.

  • Robin Sample

    What a great interview…and I love the background on her blog.
    My one item is…I could never do without my hand knit socks! Once I started knitting, and knit socks, I became so spoiled by how wonderful it is to have custom fitted socks that are also warm and soft. Love ’em.

  • Karen Malone

    Love this interview!
    The item I could not live without is a lovely navy cashmere v-neck sweater. I can dress it up or down, change the accessories, and it never looks the same. And it is soooo soft.

  • Janice Brewster

    I second the votes for scarves! Would hate to live without them. Bravo to Jennifer on choosing to self-publish. She deserves all the accolades she’s receiving. Bravo!

  • Libby

    I forgot to mention what I couldn’t do without… scarves are right up there, certainly. But jewelry. All my costume (and some of the real) jewelry! Years of collecting. I adore my big chunky necklaces, Bakelite bracelets and diamond band rings given to me and inherited. I would be lost without these!!
    I’m going back to Paris at the end of next month and this would be a perfect plane read!

  • Amy

    Watches! I always need to know what time it is and they always fit! ; )

  • Amanda Cable

    I would say right now, patent nude ballet flats. They go with everything while being comfortable and still looking presentable.

  • Amber

    Monica, I’m so glad that you slid licensing so artfully into this conversation. You briefly touched on the topic and I found myself feeling like, “yes! thank you for bringing this up!” regarding the… how did you put it… “schlock.” Hahaha. l would love for you to crack this conversation wide open in a future episode (perhaps one of your straight from Monica type v-logs). I have so many back and forth thoughts swirling around this topic.

    Lovely to meet Jennifer in this interview. Personally, I can’t live without my sunglasses. Considering they are something I wear everyday, I’m inspired to purchase a more quality pair!

  • Michelle Wyman

    Monica je t’aime votre joie de vivre! The interview with Jennifer Scott was very inspiring. I would love to read her book. One of the clothing items I would not part with in my closet is a chic pair of black pants that are slim fit and ankle length. They look fabulous with a silk blouse, flats, heals or ankle boots. They can be dressed up or down but always provide a classic silhouette.
    Merci for all of the Smart Creative Women interviews and the inspiration they bring!

    Michelle Wyman

  • Bgm

    Wonderful interview. Am ordering the book immediately. Sound like a perfect read for someone who has gotten to lazy to have friends over or use the good silver. I’m inspired. You girls were wonderful and we so enjoyed it. Monica you are a true jewel!

  • Susan Bradbeer

    Thank you. A fabulous interview and very determined story of blog to book success! Kind Regards, Suz

  • Kim Henkel

    I too loved this interview. Living life in the moment is what I am striving to do daily. Would love a copy of her book! Part of my wardrobe I could not live without….. hmmmm… probably my black leggings that help me through many days.

  • The one thing I couldn’t part with are my comfy pjs… I love to wear black yoga pants for pj bottoms… they are fashionable and comfortable.

  • Great story, love how she just went for it and published herself. I could never part with my black tank tops, they are a total staple in my closet.

  • Lisa Sharp

    What a great interview! So inspiring! I feel positively naked without my jewelry so I could to go without them.

  • Holly

    Great interview! Living in a small house with 2 kids, I am constantly trying to declutter. I don’t think I could ever give up my jeans!

  • Maike

    My black pashmina I received from my friend from India as a gift. It keeps me always warm and always looks good -from morning until night at home or on the airplane.

  • Martha Shouse

    Love, love, loved the interview. Interesting young lady…certainly would enjoy reading her book. I have never traveled extensively; therefore, curious to learn how other countries live. Her conversation made me stop and think! I work at our local high school in the media center. This would be an awesome book to share with young people.

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  • prairiemusing

    Love the thought put into this book, and the way it makes living more important than things. What I couldn’t live without for clothing is good under garments-they make everything else look great.

  • Susan

    Thank you Monica. I loved this interview with Jennifer! It was perfectly timed, inspiring me to start my spring cleansing and de-cluttering of my home, wardrobe, mind and body! I don’t think I could give up my simple black cardigan I seem to wear it with everything!

  • shannon crandall

    This was great Monica as always…I simply could never part with my gap jeans that fit so well. And yes this did bring up the whole spring cleaning and purging of my closet. I think I found things in there that I hadn’t worn for in a decade!

  • My jewelry. An outfit can go from ho-hum to wow with a cute necklace and

  • Nicole

    Hmm…that’s a hard one, since I don’t feel very attached to any of my clothes right now…ok, yes, it would have to be the beautiful brown boots I bought in Italy. Classic style, and a souvenir to boot (pun intended)!

  • Pat Richter

    I am loving my super soft PJs right now. They just make me feel soft and comfy after a hard days work. You can be Chic in PJs just don’t wear them out

  • Rebecca Benson

    I love the message of this book…so thought provoking and paradigm shifting from our typical American view point. I could not part with my j.crew brown cardigan–easy to slip on in any seasn.

  • The one thing that I could NEVER part with from my wardrobe would probably be my dresses. I just love getting dolled up! =D

  • Limezinnias Design

    I am going to get this book for a special young lady graduating from college! I think it will be perfect! I would never have to part with accessories, especially earrings!

  • JReisPhotoDesign

    Definitely got so much out of this interview, as per usual. The part about discipline resonated with me. I used to be extremely disciplined with myself and am no longer that way in many areas of my life. This interview has inspired me to want to get it together and start integrating the concept into my routine again. Thank you for all that you do. . .I am so appreciative for the hope and motivation that you inspire in all of us.

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