Jenna Cavicchia from Project Bead

I ran across the team from Project Bead at the MA Conference for Women and I was just so impressed with their hearts, their mission and as women making a difference in the world. They have a mission to alleviate poverty through education and they are doing it selling one cute piece of jewelry at a time! The Bead Team buys the beads, plans and designs the jewelry and commissions women from Ghana to create the final products – all in the same region of Ghana  where they are funding education. The bead team consists of nine best friends and entrepreneurs who envision a world with less poverty and less hatred. Their drive and mission and their beads just  hope in my heart. What impressive young women and what cute bracelets and necklaces! (I love fashion with a mission!)

Tune into their story and buy some beads to support their mission!  Style! Educating young women! Love it!

Shop here and follow them on Instagram here.

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