Jenn Louden gives tips on listening to your true life!

I love Jenn Louden because she is a practical yet  so so thoughtful. Jenn has written  6 books on well being and personal wisdom.  She talks about your minimum requirements for self care-this is a TERRFIC concept. This is NOT a list of goals, but what you need to be content and at peace especially when life is coming at you pretty fast! She has written a new  book, The Life Organizer to help you stay on track! It is a fabulous way to keep  a list of checks and balances so you can show up for your own life in the best possible way. It is NOT about being perfect. (Ack! Been there, tried that!) You have to tune into this talk. Jenn calls it “laying out breads crumbs back to yourself.”  Hello?!!!! We need bread crumbs back to our true selves! Jenn talks about trusting your instincts so you know that I am all over this conversation!  I could go on and on…. but you HAVE to listen yourself. This will be a salve for your soul today!!!



  • Meghan Irene

    Such a moving interview!! I have been amazed and filled with joy! This is a special one! <33

  • Cherish Flieder

    Refreshing interview. Thank you for sharing this wisdom on checking in with yourself and trusting yourself more in completion with trusting God. It doesn’t take much to derail us in the culture of overwhelm. Glad to hear I’m not alone in these kinds of struggles. 🙂

  • suzanne urban

    Wonderful interview, thank you!

  • Heatherlee Iverson Chan

    What a special gal! I would love to spend the day with Jenn. I really love that she chose to live within smaller means than she needed so she is FREE to be true to herself. My husband and I try to do that too. So many people my age don’t get that! Such a great conversation. I am thankful I got to listen in on this chat!

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