Janine Vangool editor and creator of Uppercase Magazine

I love it when someone makes a meaty project out of their obsession, oh, I mean passion! Janine Vangool, editor and founder of the very hip Uppercase Magazine, is an example of someone making an entire life built around her bliss. Now that is inspiring! In this interview she shares how she got started in publishing, or to be more accurate, how it found her. And Janine is a girl that can get things done! She tells me about one of her new side projects, a book about a typewriter! She’s also created her own version of a kick starter campaign. How does she manage all this?

And some fab news! One lucky listener will get a complimentary preview issue of Uppercase Magazine! This publication is an artists and graphic designers Mecca! If you are “creative and curious” (We know you are!) leave a comment by Thursday, August 30th, and we will pick one lucky Smart Creative Woman.  

And more fab news! Janine is so awesome that she is giving us Smart Creative Women a discount code (smartcreativewomen) for $5 off of anything you buy from the Uppercase shop.  Checkout the books and goodies. Love! This includes $5 off the subscription rate, just use the code in the checkout process.
The winner of an issue of Uppercase is Katrina Marie from Kidssewing.org!

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  • Oh Monica!
    Making a pot of coffee and getting ready for this interview!
    So so so excited! I’m an Uppercase subscriber and I love Janine’s work/esthetics/red lipstick even.

    Thanks ladies!

  • Lovely interview to watch on a gray New England morning. Monica..is there anywhere to buy the magazine in this area (Prov)? May have to order one.
    LOVE the typewriters!! Brought back memories of typing classes in school…way back when!!

    • Monica Lee

      Hi Wanda! I know that Anthropologie carries it and there is one in Warwick! But a subscription might be better-Lord only knows what will happen if you went into Anthro every month! Spending Spree! I imagine they might have some at the RSDI bookstore as well!

      • Thanks Monica
        Wasn’t sure where the closest Anthropologie was…but you’re right…a spending spree would certainly be an unavoidable ending to that trip…lol A subscription may actually be safer 🙂

  • Great interview! I love the magazine and how passionate she is about what she does.

  • this was such a great interview 🙂 her journey is so inspiring! Great magazine for creative inspiration as well 🙂

    • Monica Lee

      I thought it was an inspiring story as well!

  • Beautiful magazine and wonderful idea!! My favorite part of the interview was when Monica asked Janine for advice for her younger self. Janine replied, “I didn’t want to work for someone else, I wanted to work for myself.” That is so exciting for me to hear! I feel the same way. I love creative people so much because we are so driven to own the freedom of self sufficiency. I think there is a lot to learn from people who own their own business. The dedication that goes into it portrays especially women in such a great light. People like Janine and others on Smart Creative Women could teach the rest of the world a lesson in hard work!! Great interview and great advice!

    • totally agree Meghan. I’m in my forties and have spent only 5 of years in employment – 3 of those as an in house artist; the rest of the time self employed. I am not rich but love the control over my own life and essentially the freedom.

  • GREAT interview. Thanks for sharing your expertise, Janine. UPPERCASE IS the perfect mix of art and design. I look forward to the typewriter book… gonna put that on my gift list.

  • yay! I love uppercase!! great interview ladies!

  • Karen Lewis

    Great interview. I’ll definitely be checking the magazine out.

  • Great interview Monica! I love Janine’s can do spirit, her sense of adventure and her vision! Uppercase is inspiring with a nice mix of art and design. Looking forward to the typewriter book!

  • I love Uppercase magazine! Great interview!

  • what a lovely woman. Something I take from the interview is that she is so calm and confident outwardly – it seems at all times; that it’s such a waste of energy getting flustered about things. Will TRY to remember that when I am next in a tizz 🙂

  • Jen

    Excellent interview! How inspiring!

  • Uppercase magazine is a feast for the eyes! And I love smart, creative women that wear eyeglasses. Great interview as always, Monica!

  • LOve this! How yummy is that stack of all the past issues!!
    Must subscribe so I can create a nice stack of my own! Awesome, smart and creative!
    : )

  • Sarah

    Oh how I would LOVE to hold a copy of that mag in my hands! I already have it pinned under my “things I want/love” board so hubby can have gift ideas for me. 🙂 Just love your interviews!

  • betz White

    I love Janine’s style and attitude! Uppercase is a wonderful accomplishment. Thanks for the interview!

  • Oh. Magazines and craft books. These two latest interviews are playing on my addictions! I haven’t seen Uppercase at my book store but maybe I will drop into Anthro next weekend to see if I can get my hands on a copy.

    I’ve always wanted to put out a magazine. Seems so daunting but my mind and doodles always go back to the publishing world.

  • Thanks so much for another great interview…Monica! I love that Janine is doing a campaign right on her website. This inspires me to do a campaign on my website! I’m working on the CRAZY video script right now, then I’ll move on to the campaign levels and maybe schedule to shoot the video in the next couple weeks! Do you know what you are doing here with these videos is simply amazing? I hope a lot more creative women find you! You are providing more insight and direction here for free than even $2000 business courses. Creatively, Katrina Marie

  • Inspirational! I love working and listening to these interviews. It helps me believe I too can be inspirational and super woman!

    • Monica Lee

      Oh, that’s because you can totally can be! hooray! We are all given gifts to share and we just some some encouragement to find our voices 😉

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