Jane Hamill from Fashion Brain Academy

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Jane Hamill is my guest today and she is on a mission! Jane Says, “My goal is for every designer to make a living using their creativity while becoming business savvy – even if you hate sales and cringe at the idea of a marketing plan.”

As a former fashion designer and retail store owner, she is a woman with experience and she wants to share her experience with YOU. I loved talking to her-she offers such great wisdom even if you aren’t into fashion-she is offering up advice to any creator, maker, and artist in this interview. She talks about her own start which is a  fabulous, gutsy story! Fashion Brain  Academy offers online training courses and private coaching for fashion designers and creative entrepreneurs. She has a live bootcamp event this week in Chicago (and I get to go!) Too fun!

Tune in to today’s episode and soak up some of Jane’s wisdom for the savvy creative business woman in you!

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  • Michelle Schneider

    Jane! You’re incredible and so brave! I think just being your friend would be like a daily shot of espresso. 🙂 I love the energy and the ‘go get what you want’ attitude. I can sense from SO many women I talk to a spirit of timidity and self-doubt. Where does that come from??? I think I tend to be more like Jane in my “just do it” mentality. Failure is so often a self constructed illusion. Thank you for this great interview Monica! So inspiring.

    • Oh Michelle you are so right and that is well put a “self constructed illusion!”

    • Jane Hamill

      Thanks Michelle! What’s funny is years ago I was doing a seminar for the Girl Scouts of America. And I was talking all about how successful I was and blah blah blah. Then one little Girl Scout asked me if I could tell her a time when something failed, and things went wrong with me for my business. And I said, of course, yes! There have been many times things didn’t go right. And I stood up there on the stage with 300 Girl Scouts and couldn’t think of one single incident where I had failed. I think my brain just blocks it out as a coping mechanism so I can just move on and get things done. It may be a little psychotic, but it works for me!

  • Rachel

    Monica and Jane, I really loved this interview! I’m not in the fashion industry at all but your advice applies to all creatives. I especially loved that you said it isn’t necessarily the most creative designers that are most successful – it’s the ones who can be practical! That’s a real encouragement to me 🙂

    • That is refreshing to hear! It really is a mix, right? But don’t put yourself in the “not as creative as…” category. I want you to embrace being both!

    • Jane Hamill

      Hi Rachel! Being practical goes a long way! My motto is, “Perfect is good but DONE is better.” Wishing you all the best success!

  • Phyllis Harris

    FANTASTIC interview!!!! Thank you!!

  • Joann Tomsche

    This was a great interview. So many practical comments and real world tips that apply for me right now. Thanks Jane and Monica