Jaime Derringer of Design Milk on how she got started running a powerhouse design blog

If you don’t know who Jaime Derringer is, I will bet you have landed on her blog before. Jaime is the editor and founder of the modern design blog Design Milk. With six daily updates, Design Milk is an online leader in the world of  innovative design. The site has recieved all sorts of uber cool shout outs from mainstream media, but who needs mainstream media when you are rockin’ on line like Design Milk does?

Jump right into this conversation as we talk about her start, blog growth, advertising and her detailed thoughts on social media. With a self proclaimed “geeky” side and a half million twitter followers, she definitely has some thoughts on the subject!

Jaime does make a little bit of time for creativity. When you hear how busy she is  it will certainly make your excuses sound bland! (Ok, that comment may have been for me.)
Did I mention she also runs Dog Milk? You know I love a dog lover…


Some of Jamie’s  (playtime) work from her etsy shop.



  • meg @ pureandsimpleblog.com

    I loved this interview Monica! So interesting to think about the future of web design…I am currently working on designing our site (right now its bland bland blah) and I’ve been spending lots of time thinking about what we need to emphasize and how we can be forward thinking.

    • Monica Lee

      It is interesting, oddly my husband and I talk about it all the time! Very romantic, I know!

  • JeneanMorrison

    Great interview!!! I LOVE Jaime so much. She is so supportive of artists and designers. And I have enjoyed connecting with her through Instagram. While it may not ever link me back to her site, I feel like I’ve gotten to know the person behind the site much better! Wonderful job, ladies! Tons of great info here!

    • Jaime

      Thanks Jeanean – you are an awesome person, too. I was so glad to have met you at Alt and connected with you on IG.

  • Jaime

    BTW — my biggest money lesson has really been that I undervalue myself. I need to stop doing this!!!

  • Nadia L.

    I’m halfway through this interview (great job BTW). I am curious. Does Jaime pay her contributors and the people managing her social media accounts? I would also like to know how much cold hard cash her blog brings in monthly (at least an estimate).

    • Jaime from Design Milk

      Hi Nadia, Jaime here 🙂
      I pay everyone who works for Design Milk. I find that I get better quality that way. I will not say no to volunteer writers, but only if they’re a good fit. I typically force money on them anyway because I don’t like people doing things for free, even if they consider it marketing. If they won’t take my money, I send them a nice gift at holiday time. I also give writers bonuses for working on specific projects, putting in extra time and being super helpful.

  • Hey Monica! I have to say, I’ve been the quietest follower of yours for awhile now and after such an awesome video I told myself NO MORE! Tell her how fantastic you think everything she does is! 🙂 So hi. This is me. Trying to be more vocal. I absolutely love your videos and interviews. You’ve given me a virtual kick in the butt so to speak. Constantly learning and laughing with each video. So thank you, thank you! This interview with Jaime was so organic, I couldn’t stop watching. *hugs*