Jaclyn Carlson from Blog Society


My guest today is blogger and creative community leader, Jaclyn Carlson. Jaclyn is an expat with a super cute accent who pulled up stakes in the US and moved to Australia. She was in search of creative folks to hangout with  so Blog Society was born! Jaclyn is another fabulous example of a women gathering like minded people in her community and via the internet. Her community is not just growing in the country she resides in but It IS possible to hang out “in person” with people that love the same things that you do! The catch is YOU might have to be the person to put it all together! Think bravely and listen into this interview where Jaclyn talks about how she built this passionate online and offline community! She has SO many ideas, tune in! If you are listening from Australia, Jaclyn wants to meet you!!





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  • Melissa AuClair says:

    Ohhhh, loved this one Monica. I wanted you girls to keep on talking! Thanks for the continual inspiration and the gentle shove to get uncomfortable and start something. I’ve had the idea for local events but just hadn’t followed through with it. I’m going to take this as my “sigh” to get moving 🙂

  • Belinda says:

    Thanks Monica. Jac, I’m proud to be a part of the community you are helping to build in Australia and am constantly inspired and amazed by you. Well done lovely! And I hadn’t actually noticed before but your accent has definitely been Aussie-fied 😉 Belinda x

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