It’s time to market yourself and your business!

People  can get stalled when it comes to marketing their businesses and themselves and I don’t want that to be you! Today I am going to introduce (or re-introduce) you to Tom Henell, my better half!

In this video he is giving out tips as well as explaining what you can expect in his Marketing 101 class on

His course has 5 parts. While he teaches some of the same principals in the Smart Creative Style course, this is an expanded look that focuses on the principles you need to market your creative business. He feels strongly, like I do, that your business is unique and it is up to you how to apply these principals but understanding them is crucial to your success! We both believe that  adjusting the way you think about marketing can go a long way into developing an ease when promoting your business. Let’s get to a place of ease around this subject!

You can take the class here on

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