It’s happened! atly joins as a sponsor!


( Insert Pharrell Williams HAPPY song here)

COULD I just be any more excited?!!  I am jumping up and down on the insideok, on the outside too. Much to the embarrassment of my teenager. We have a new sponsor and YOU ALL MADE IT HAPPEN! You have been showing up faithfully to Smart Creative Women and you follow me on social media and you filled out my survey…..and we have brought a sponsor on board who supports all our efforts as creative women.

I am thrilled to say they are a fabulous fit! has jumped into the  online education space in such a beautiful way! They are focused on women sharing and learning skills. I love this quote from their website:

“We believe that education yields independence and provides untold opportunities for a brighter future.”

Hello!? We believe that too! Passionately in fact! There are so many opportunities at atly for you to TAKE and TEACH classes on the platform. Tom and I BOTH are jumping on board at the end of June when they have their grand opening to offer new courses. (Yes, Mr. Marketing is teaching his own course!!)  The back end of is as lovely as the front and they have worked so hard to make it really, really user friendly so you can get inspired to learn AND  get inspired to teach one of your skills!

I am so amazed by the fact that we partnered up with someone whose mission lines up with Smart Creative Women!

SO YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO NEXT: TELL A FRIEND! Share this post on your own social media. When you come across something that can really ADD to someone’s life, it is a such a gift to freely share it. You never know who is going to need a class or this message at this moment! Head over to and see what it is all about! Are you as excited as I am!??

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  • Lisa Blade says:

    Congratulations Monica! What a perfect match. Well done!

  • Phyllis Harris says:

    Congratulations! Sounds like a match made in heaven and so well deserved! You GO gilr!!

  • Linda Tieu says:

    Congrats – I actually have signed up for a class on Atly already!

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