It is SCW Anniversary Week: Here is what I have learned!

Celebrate good times, come on! (insert Lionel Richie tune) My age might be showing on that tune choice but I am having a moment a celebrating the start of my profitable 3rd year at Smart Creative Women!! This has been the most pleasurable hard work that I have ever done!

In this video, I share what I think has been my biggest take away SO FAR in interviewing all these creative women. It is a big picture key and one of the reasons I put together Smart Creative Style. I want YOU to be able to unlock the key for yourself!! I want you to be zooming along in all your creative endeavors. I want you to understand who your audience is AND how to reach them AND communicate your own personal aesthetic all at the same time because IT CAN BE DONE!!

TUNE IN to today’s video to see what I mean!

It is not some magic pill that you take or some formula that you follow, but there are key things that will get you on track and we cover them in Smart Creative Style. It is Creative Business 101 that won’t put you to sleep and will give you any missing pieces to your look and messaging for your business. You can register here!

The course starts tomorrow, if you are on the fence-check out what Kathy Weller had to say about the course!! This is a terrific post about what the course did for her. If you haven’t seen her site makeover (prompted by Smart Creative Style) You have to check it out.


Have you seen the 2 new “who’s” I have adding their wisdom to the course? Alyssa Thomas from Penguin and Fish and Emily McDowell! I love that the guests I have inside the course are on board with helping you figure out YOUR OWN PATH!  You can read what the last group of  women said about the course here.

Tom Henell, my live in marketing guru, is adding his wisdom and perspective that is game changing! Khali Whatley skyped in all the way from Australia  for several videos to help you understand how big brands think-she is enlightening for sure! The combination of big business tools and real live creative business owners is magic. AND you can’t forget that it is really FUN and about YOU. You won’t come out of this course with a particular look or someone’s style or formula. I totally get that you need your own path!! This course can help you uncover just what that path is!

Your personal style+A plan of action=Happy, authentic YOU! You can register here. I can’t wait to meet you  inside the course!