Inspired Rug-Hooking with Deanne Fitzpatrick

I received the nicest surprise in the mail yesterday. It could not have come at a better time. I have inadvertently clicked a couple on items behind the scenes on my website and lost all sort so good things-i.e. most of the content! This is why Listener Friday is being posted on a Saturday. Deanne Fitzpatrick was nice enough to send me THE most lovely book in the mail, Inspired Rug Hooking. Here are some samples of her work. As I flipped through the book, I realized that it was not a how to book or even a simple showcase of her work, although there are plenty of photographs of her beautiful rugs. The book is her personal creative journey. These words caught my eye from the chapter titled Creativity and Spirit, “To be creative, you need to let your spirit speak, and you need to let go of yourself. You need to loosen your mind, your conscious and critical thought and you need to let your hands move freely.”

Certainly Deanne has done this successfully, her rugs are works of freedom and art.  You can find out more about Deanne Fitzpatrick on her website. Thank you so much, Deanne for the peek at your journey!

  • These rugs are beautiful! Love the colors and so creative!
    That quote perfectly sums up being on a creative flow…
    Wonderful : )