Improv Sewing with Nicole Blum and Debra Immergut

This is a fun one! I managed to get my hands on this new book, Improv Sewing (you remember-Monica, serious craft book addict, reads them like novels, often doesn’t complete the crafts?) Cie la vie! I adore this new book. It is billed as a “free form approach to creative techniques.” That is exactly what I need. When I get my hands on a craft or knitting book, I simply don’t want to follow the instructions. I somehow convince myself that SURELY the project will come out better with a “Monica spin” on it. This can often lead to disaster but nirvana this book let’s me be myself. It has an old school and yet innovative approach to sewing clothing and I LOVE it! Girls, you know I like clothes and Nicole has come up with wearable projects and easy pattern drafting (hello-old t-shirts!) The 101 projects give you creative license to make mistakes, get fearless and express yourself. It has plenty of kids projects and non clothing projects as well, with 101 projects, it has just about everything!  This one is one for your bookshelf, for sure. You can also check out their blog, Improv Diary. Do I sound too excited? I guess so, I am hauling this book in my suitcase to Texas to have a sewing fest with my mom (she has a big sewing room, yeah mom!) Hopefully there will be BBQ and wine involved!

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  • betz White

    Thanks Monica! This looks like a great book. I can’t wait to see what you make!

  • I was wandering around a Khol’s and Marshall recently trying desperately to find something to buy as I need to upgrade my casual wardrobe asap, everything I own is worn out. Unfortunately everything was cheezy in design-think red light district meets binky shift and poorly made. The material of clothes in stores this season is so thin if an origami master folded up a full dress into a cap out of this stuff it would be a snug fit for a pekinese. In other words the stuff is so thin it has no weight and looks like it wouldn’t last a single washing. So I began to think about buying some clothes at a thrift shop and re-working them to suit me and voila! Monica has this interview! Thanks Monica! Gotta get this book!

  • Family Fun magazine is one of our favorites–thanks for the many fantastic ideas for birthdays and Halloween costumes! Your book is going to be a great addition to our library, inspiring our girls in their clothing embellishing! Thank you for a wonderful interview!
    Great scarf, Monica!

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