John Mavrakis and Melissa Schulz from Ideaologie


John Mavrakis and Melissa Schulz from Ideaologie have teamed up to form a strategic partnership to help businesses “holistically.” What do they mean by that? Well, for one, they believe that just like individuals, no two companies are exactly alike, and they have set out to help each client on an individual basis.

Amen, to that! You know that I don’t like cookie cutter approaches either!

The Ideaologie philosophy reads:  “Our years of experience have taught us that each company is unique and requires unique direction.  We know that companies must evolve and change with time and market conditions in order to be successful.  This success must be founded in and developed from a strong strategy for growth.”

They have a great track record of solid experience, between the two of them they have worked with some very well know national and individual brands, just take a look here. I wanted to get to the bottom of what exactly they are offering. After all,  they have quite a list of services!  How do they help young (and established) business figure out the next step? Tune into this episode while I grill  oops!  interview them, haha! They are FULL of great info and insight in the retail market place as it is TODAY! I learned a lot from them and am sure you will too!

We talked over the holiday-they are so fun. Aren’t they just the most festive duo you’ve seen?





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