How to think about opportunities: My “ah-ha” moment

Here are my thoughts on “opportunities.” It seems to be a word people that I hear people using often lately. The definition of the word opportunity is defined as : a set of circumstance that make it possible to do something.

Are circumstances coming your way? Are you reconginizing them? Are you acting as if the  set of circumstances are already happening?

In this video I cover

1) What to do when one comes along (hello!! recognize them and act on them)

2) Making sure you repurpose opportunities (your time is valuable)

3) Making your own opportunities, get in the right mindset (you know me, this is where the rubber meets the road)

Additional videos to watch :

The Rotary Video: Managing your life with Clarity , this  exercise will help you stay focused and may help you figure out if a given opportunity fits into your business.

Tom Henell on Execution! Big ideas mean nothing without executing! This is such a great video, it is about marketing but his thoughts about focusing on results are right on!

How do you think about opportunity? Have you ever let an opportunity pass you buy that you wish you had acted on?

This is your opportunity to SHINE!



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