Hilary Rushford of Dean Street Society talks about providence and showing up as the best version of you!

At the bottom of Hilary Rushford signature it reads “With grace and gumption!”  and that is the perfect phrase for her! She is a stylist, fashion blogger and web TV host who is on the move! She has had opportunities come to her in the most serendipitous fashion and she shares all the things that got her into her perfect sweet spot. (Super funny!) You will love how she talks about “having her palms up” to embrace what comes her way. Hilary’s depth and wisdom about life is so refreshing and we even fit in a bit of  really sensible wardrobe advice! She runs 2 style blogs simultaneously over at Dean Street Society. One is for gents called The Dapper and the Duchess (she understand her audience) and one for ladies called Bowties and Betty’s. I love that she writes for and styles both men and women! I just sent the “gents link” to my husband and sons!! Enjoy and let us know what you think of this practical yet pretty approach!

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  • If I suddenly had a million dollars, I’d hire her as my stylist! Great interview, Monica.