Heather Davulcu takes calculated chances!

So happy to have the sweet Heather Davulcu with me today! Heather, known online as April Heather Art, is an up and comer who is making her debut  this year at Surtex  in NYC. Heather is full of spunk and style! I love how she has put herself and her art “out there” pushing past any voice that might have told her to hide away in her studio. In this interview she talks about the rewards of being bold and consistent with her efforts. We all know it can be tough to show people what you do creatively, hopefully this interview will speak to you. It really does pay off to be brave and Heather is a terrific example of that. Mixed with sass and talent, I completely enjoy following her journey!

She took the  last run of Smart Creative Style class and had terrific energy and ideas. I loved what she added to her one of her “interiors that appeal to you” mood board. Tune in the see what I mean.

You can see her and her work in the Pink Light Design Booth at Surtex Booths 417 and 516 in NYC. Stop by and say hello to her agent, Mary Beth Freet and  to Heather, they both always have smiles on!

Branded Artists- A3 Collection Preview

AHD-NYC pink pattern

Branded Artists- A3 Collection Preview

When Heather thought of the interiors that appealed to her the most, she thought of her favorite movies! You know, they ones that you watch over and over again, simply because you loved the set design? Here is a  peek at her interiors board: Classic, Cottage and Romantic:


Her Art and Eras board was very interesting! All this tender nostalgia:


Heather’s art  has a romance  to it, it is feminine and innocent with  just a touch of  fun mischief. Keep an eye on her!

You can follow Heather on Instagram here and on Pinterest here.

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  • colleen attara

    Heather…you have worked so very hard and smart to get here. I am so proud of you and cannot wait
    for all the goodness that is going to come your way at Surtex!!!! So glad I get to watch your journey up close and walk beside you. Great job Monica!

    • April Heather Art

      Colleen-thank you!!! So excited to be on this journey with you. Truly! You’ve given me several “kick in the pants” when I needed it!! Next week-you and me girl!! Surtex!

  • Linda Brecht Marr

    Great interview. Loved the discussion about drawing houses — as a fellow Ramona reader would love to see what you imagined her house to be!! Also love how your art has made you confident in other ways — style, life, etc. Knowing who you are and embracing that in all aspects of your life is such an important thing to pass onto our girls. Monica, because of your comments, I will look more critically when I put something on in my close that “fits,” but is just not me. Why in the world would I wear that? Great interview — you really captured the spirit and spunk of Heather. Just have to say Heather, you are a TOTAL romantic! So proud of your journey — LOVE watching it continue and take you to amazing places!!

    • April Heather Art

      oh Linda–you are too much! Your confidence in me and your encouragement have kept me afloat on more than one day when I felt I might sink!! Thank you!! Nice to know you are so close if I ever need another emergency hug!

  • HEATHER!!! I’m so thrilled to see your interview here! Heather has joined me (Jack and Jill Interiors) to paint murals for my most special clients. She’s such a delightful and inspiring person with more talent in her little pinky than I could ever dream of having. Way to go, Heather! xoxo

    • April Heather Art

      wow–thank you Sherri!! How nice of you!! I’m so glad we had the opportunity to work together before I stopped painting murals!! We had such fun on our Long Island trip! xo

  • April Heather Art

    lovely Monica-thank you so much for having me on your show. I’m honored & humbled, really, by the talent and ingenuity of all the delightful ladies (and a few gents) you’ve interviewed. We could have talked for another half hour! It was a ball!

  • Karen Houser

    Great interview Heather! I love that you watch movies just so you can look at the houses! Monica, you really captured Heather’s art when you say it is romantic — feminine and innocent with just a touch of mischief. Just like Heather herself!! Love the positive and encouraging way Smart Creative Women supports such wonderful women! I just subscribed so I can meet them all : )

    • Yay! I love that you think it is “just like Heather” that means it is all working!! And thank you for subscribing!

  • Gabriella Buckingham

    wonderful interview Monica and Heather, so great to meet you here after taking part in the SmartCreativeStyle course and meeting you there first 🙂 – masses of luck at Surtex! x

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