Guest Post: Motherhood and an Artful Life

Since I am on the road today, Kim Morin Weineck is my guest. I love how she parents and we recently had a multi-coffee session and I asked her to share her thoughts on how she shifts from serious creative work to regular mom-life stuff.

kimpost As a creative and a mom, each day is about my quest for balance, and I’m sure many artist-moms can relate. Apart from being me – an important part of the whole that is not to be neglected – I’m a wife, mom, house cleaner, laundress, sewist, nutritionist, cook chef (giving myself airs there), bookkeeper, taxi driver, counselor, advisor, teacher, nurse, coach, motivational speaker, and artist. Creative folks know that artists don’t simply create, an especially tall order; we also plan, organize, market, and sell. Add a part-time job or other time commitment to the mix and yikes!

In the past, I had operated under the assumption that other people “had it all figured out,” with the elusive “it” being some way to juggle all that needed to get done. What was this magic possessed by this cadre of amazing super moms? How could I get them to share their insight with me!?

Watching interviews on Smart Creative Women and reading about the lives of other creative moms have brought me to one common conclusion: the magic formula is as simple as living a life in balance.  When I figured out how to live life as an artist 24/7, I began to feel more fulfilled as me, a wife, a mom, a house cleaner, and so on. When you share your creative life with your kids and family, you can accomplish amazing things and share your knowledge and insight with them along the way.

Then along came the Facebook post from Artify with this quote which seemed to make it all clear: quote

The day-to-day routine in my family isn’t about rushing through so I can find time to create. Instead its focus is on making most of it an artistic expression. It’s about realizing that my choices matter and make an impact. Rather than waiting for the perfect moment to paint in an ideal that doesn’t exist, you’ll find me painting outside on the patio now while my girls are playing in the sandbox. All of it is a reflection on my artistic self and I’m proud of the balance that I’ve created.

  • What a fabulous post! Although I am not a mom I am an artist and everything Kim said resonated with me. Love the quote, I’m going to print it and put it on my wall. Thanks Kim for your insightful words!

    • Kim

      Thanks, Jennifer! I appreciate your comment and yes, that quote is on my wall, too!

  • Thanks for this post! I have a 4 year old and a 16 month old and it depresses me that I barely have any time to paint. It’s so hard! I know it will get easier and I’m cherishing what I have in the NOW, but finding balance is so difficult. I’ve found I’ll have an idea in my head for several weeks before I’m able to do anything about it. And I find I’m exhausted in the evening when the kids go to bed…I just want to relax and read! I’m looking forward to carving time out during the day to do my work with the kids around me ANYWAY and see what I might be able to accomplish…even if it’s in 2 minute bits! Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Kim

      Megan, Hang in there! Everything you’re doing is feeding the creative artist within you, even when it doesn’t feel like that. It gets easier. And, like you mentioned, it’s amazing what can happen in those 2 minute bits!

      Thanks for the comment! -Kim