founder Sarah Bryden-Brown and her passion for connecting makers!

Last week, I told you about and what this global online marketplace was doing for talented creative makers like yourself. Now I get to sit down with’s founder Sarah Bryden-Brown and get  ALL THE DETAILS!

You HAVE to tune in to this one!!

First of all it is a terrific way to shop and help all your favorite bloggers who spend a lot of time scouring the globe for interesting and gorgeous items to make some income! And it can give you the opportunity to be one of the makers that gets introduced  to a global marketplace on a larger scale. Hooray!

I have told so many creative women (makers) to try to get their goods into the hands of bloggers who have spent hours and hours cultivating and gaining the trust of their audiences. provides and easier  way for you to do that! You provide wholesale (time for you to think this aspect through) items into a Makers studio and then Tastemakers  market your items in their boutiques and on their platforms. You make, they sell and you both benefit.

In this interview, Sarah answers all the questions that I could think of (and you know I can think of ALOT!) She discusses how the idea originally formed, whom she has brought on board, what it means to have  certain items “exclusive” to a tastemaker.

AND in case you did not read last week’s post, I have my own boutique on! You can shop via my boutique here. This means so much to me. I LOVE finding out just how talented the audience of Smart Creative Women is so it is a complete, full circle moment for me! This is a fabulous opportunity to bring your sexy, talented self to a new and exciting marketplace.

I am thrilled to have a site like this be introduced!  It really does connect the dots for people who love building communities and for people who to love to create! Tune in so you hear it all from Sarah herself.

You know my MANTRA: TELL A FRIEND, YOUR SISTER, YOUR MOM people who like to find unique items for their homes, for their children and for themselves!


I am trying NOT to get obsessed with the site, but admittedly, I am completely smitten! Come check out my boutique! 


And isn’t this press just  lovely? Check out this article featuring artisans from on Elle Decor.

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  • love that statement of wanting it to “be a joy, not a job” – I’m so enticed by – will definitely have to check it out! I really do hope it helps everyone all around – sounds like a win-win and that is the best ever!

  • Great listen and wonderful idea! I appreciate people that connect people with other people. Ha. Thanks for this, Monica! Will give it a looksy.

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