Graphic designer, teacher and entrepreneur Melanie Burk

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Today’s guest does not give up!! She totally cracked me up when she talked about how she “got started.” You are going to love this!

Melanie is the mastermind behind Fifth and Hazel. Fifth and Hazel is a design firm that has launched new websites, started new marketing campaigns, designed new logos, and done work around the world. Her work ranges from large scale campaigns to personal wedding invitations.

It doesn’t stop there, she also teaches classes at Nicole’s Classes. Listen in as she explains what and how…

Think that’s all she does? She and Alma Loveland just started a darling company called Caravan. Digital downloads, baby, you know I love them and these rock!

Melanie has some kind of CAN DO spirit…this episode is motivating!!



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  • I love your interviews… each one is so encouraging and helpful!

  • Lee Kellogg

    Thank you for the great interviews and ideas. My head is always full of great business ideas and things that I need to do.

  • Amanda Klausmeier

    It’s always so inspirational to hear from other’s in your same industry. Thanks for interviewing a web designer!

    • melanie burk

      thanks amanda! So glad you enjoyed the interview.. and so nice to meet another web designer!

  • Caroline Simas

    enjoyed this interview! great work Melanie Burke:) and Monica, thanks for posting my mini commercial:)

    • Melanie Burk

      THanks Caroline! So nice of you to say!

  • Really enjoyed this interview and hearing Melanie’s story. Lots of wisdom and I was especially leaning in when it came to the part about pricing and making sure we value ourselves, reflected through how much we charge. It’s something I always have trouble with… Sometimes what is easy for us to do, we seem to devalue it… if that makes sense?

    Btw loving the #365patterns challenge that was started by Melanie and Alma 😛 Fun fun!

    • melanie burk

      Thanks Linda. You are such a gem, as always.