Good news for the creative community

Isn’t this a fun shot? It reminded me of a scene from an old Fred Astaire Movie! monica_oldmovie2
 I just got back from Alt Summit (in time for a blizzard here tomorrow-sigh.) I wanted to do a quick podcast of an overall trend I see in the creative community and it is really good news. I came back refreshed and at peace as I solidified my own journey with Smart Creative Women, Smart Creative Style and with Monica Lee (the hand bags! YAY!!) Tune in to today’s short podcast and hear my takeaways.  I know you will be excited, maybe even relieved to recognize this interesting trend, (think soft lapping waves instead of giant take the world by storm waves.) Ladies, this year more the ever is your year to flourish by being genuinely creative and by being the original spirit you were designed to be!!

Links mentioned in the podcast:

Smart Creative Style Newsletter, runs end of Feb. More info at Smart Creative Style.

Jessica Swifts Pattern Camp,  runs Feb 7-8

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Check out my interview with Jaclyn Carlson from Blog Society who came all the way from Australia!


Check out my interview with Kelsey Montague’s who was in SLC, creating art in real time. Her work has gone viral after Taylor Swift snapped a pic in front of her street art (fab!!)

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Check out my interview with Jenean Morrison. She had her best business year to date, I can’t wait to bring her back on the show! And completely true to who Jenean is, she quietly rocking the internet!



  • Kathleen

    Thanks for this podcast. I so relate. For the past year and a half, I have taken blogging classes, started an etsy shop and made a facebook for business, and a blog. All of a sudden I realized I was exhausted trying to “be” one of the people I follow. Not competitively but just trying to get a little of the action. I closed my accounts and gave up. I felt like I got swallowed up by it all. Thanks for this post as it made me rethink where I belong in the big picture. You’re so wise!!

  • Melissa AuClair

    A completely encouraging and inspiring podcast episode- thank you Monica. So excited to hear more about Smart Creative Style- and NO! I don’t want the condensed version. I’m even more excited to take the FULL version in February. Hope you stay warm in the crazy, blizzard weather this week. Thoughts and prayers for all my New England friends.

  • Joee Beau

    Hi Monica,
    You have brought so much awareness to us ladies in the creative world. Your personal stories are heartwarming! Thank you for your courage!
    In one of your entries, you asked for feedback on your website. Based off of your inspirational podcasts and shows about allowing our individual style to come through, I am going to mirror you! I feel the basic structure is cohesive, attractive, and easy to navigate. The only thing that is missing is your signature style… Your fun, vivacious, lyrical artwork and fonts, I miss and it would look so beautiful and bold as your header! Your art is so wonderful! 🙂