Getting to know Amy Butler’s spirit as she talks about Blossom Magazine and her business, Part 1

Amy Butler is back! What I realized is that when Amy and I get together we talk!!! She has so much heartfelt insight on herself and the direction of her business, that I made this interview 2 parts. I was surprised and impressed by Amy’s candor in this interview. Surprised that she is so completely transparent about her business and impressed at direction that she is planning on taking it. Leave to Amy and David to really grapple with the very best way to serve their retailers and their customers, to ask hard questions about what works, what doesn’t and to come up with an innovative solution. In this part of the interview, Amy discusses the idea behind Blossom Magazine and Blossom Club. If you listen closely, you will hear how this new endeavor is geared to fit a unique need for the retailer and a unique need in Amy’s heart. Her openness to listen to her own spirit and run her business effectively is inspiring! Be sure to come back Thursday for Part 2. If you like this or if see her at Quilt Market, let her know if you where encouraged by her today.

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  • What a treat to hear Amy talk about her path, how she felt the need for change and listened to her heart. Amy has been such an inspiration to many artists, designers and sewers and continues to set the standard in the fabric industry.

    I can hardly wait to see the Blossom magazine – no doubt it will be stunning and inspirational at the same time.

    Best wishes for you, Amy!

    Brenda Pinnick

  • awesome interview! I got to spend some time with Amy at the Mary Engelbreit event in 2010 and she is so genuine. what a great gal!!

  • Sue Zipkin says:

    Thank you Amy and Monica for another wonderful interview. Amy, I really appreciate your openness to share about your personal experiences. I can relate to your words on so many levels. I loved hearing about your process in how you choose to direct your energy into things that come from your heart, like this magazine. I wish you all the best with that, it sounds really wonderful!

  • Kim says:

    This interview was intensely personal. I listened with empathy as Amy disclosed her intense personal issues and discussed how they are affecting her life’s path. Wow! It was insightful and relate-able and I can’t wait to read the magazine!
    Best to you both, Amy and Monica!

  • Sally says:

    Wow! I have always been inspired by Amy’s fabrics, patterns, and art forms. The ways that she especially uses the beauty of our surroundings in her designs and the gorgeous array of colors that she uses. After watching this, I realize that the beauty of her creations is rooted from deep within her and comes from the heart. Her journey is leading her to awe inspiring places that encourage others to explore their creative talents but to maybe search deeper within also. Just a beautifully talented individual that just happens to have a husband that has an awesome fabric line out also. Seem to be a great team.

  • Wow…I can’t wait to see the magazine! I’m going to be doing free “Look Books” for all my little fashion designer courses (Prima Donna, Fashionista, Diva, Ragdoll and Steamtrunk). I’ve been in the same place trying to decide whether to go through with printed patterns, pdf patterns, and books and the online magazine seems to be the way to go (if I listen to my heart)!

  • Wow-what a great interview! Thank you to Amy for being so open and honest about the issues that face so many artists and designers. Can’t wait to see the magazine!

  • Julia Minasian says:

    What I love most about these interviews is the expression of humanity!!! There is a definite level of inspiration in all I hear but the refreshing honesty about being an artist … here and now… is a great reminder. I love the creative journey and thank all your contributors (and you) for such generous sharing. Looking forward to seeing Amy’s magazine too!

  • SuzyMcQ says:

    I get it. I love it. Thanks for reaching out Amy and spreading your joy and inspiration!

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