Get Techy with Nathalie Lussier

I am so thrilled to bring you Nathalie Lussier! She will make all your website/tech problems disappear! Well, most of them anyway. When I signed up for her newsletter, I found nirvana! She is someone who simplifies websites, tech organizing, plug ins-plug outs…ok, not plug outs but you know what I mean!! You MUST listen to this and get on her list! Even if you don’t  think you understand technology you will appreciate her smooth teaching style.  So this is what you need to do. (Geez, Monica, you are getting bossy.) I know! I know!

1) After you listen to her interview, take your website out for a tune up

2) Check out her  free tech training

3) If you have any questions specifically concerning wordpress you can sign up for her webinar Aug 31! Whew!

No more excuses-we can do this technology thing! P.S. If you do want to sign up for her Launch it Yourself, I am a very happy affiliate.

I don’t want to forget to give you this other link….Nathalie has ANOTHER business (that sort of runs itself…hello ladies, SMART!) and it is called the Raw Foods Witch. It sorta makes me wonder…if I eat healthy will I become as smart as she is?
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  • This was so helpful! Thank you!

  • Thank you so much for having me on Monica! This was so much fun, I get jazzed up when talking about technology and WordPress. Yeah! 🙂

  • super great interview!!

  • Eva

    Really interesting interview! I also read about Nathalie in the book and thought it was a really interesting part of the book. I’m curious about the program that she mentions for writing books, I couldn’t hear the name. Could you pls help me and give me the name of it? Thanks, and I’m looking forward to seeing more interviews! 🙂

  • Terrific interview! I’ve signed up for a tune up and looking forward to learning about seo and all that other techie stuff! Nathalie is smart and delightful and I’m looking forward to reading her upcoming book. Thanks Monica for another inspiring and fun interview!

    • Thank *you* Barbara for the kind comment and for stopping by the site for your checkup! 🙂

  • Monica, what a great interview with Nathalie. I loved finding out about how The Raw Foods Witch came about. Didn’t know anything about Scrivener, so I’ll be checking this out soon. Lots of great tips. Thanks gals!

    • Monica Lee

      Thanks so much Jane! Yes Scrivener looks fun….I love things that keep me organized…I need to get myself off of the index card thing!