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My title for this post sounds like a Dr. Seuss title, doesn’t it? If you follow me on a regular basis you might know that I consider all our creative careers  and lives a journey. A HUGE journey. If you would have asked me years ago if I thought that the idea that “The journey is the destination,” I would have nodded politely  while scrolling through my checklist,  crossing goals and to-dos off like a very efficient Virgo.

Fast forward to years of loving, living, losing and giving and I have learned a few things!  With age comes the ability to look in the rearview mirror and see how every experience is multi layered. And that all these experiences when embraced properly, can be more satisfying than  end goal of a “final resting place.” I have learned if meeting goals is your only goal, it may be time to reevaluate things.

One of the best things I could have done these past couple of years was to start Smart Creative Women,  set aside my own art hustle, listen to stories and help people get their own hustle on. I became confident with tech skills, marketing online and now have countless friends that make my life so rich.  One thing I honestly believe is that we ARE all in this together. We owe it to our creative spirits to pull out the best of what was placed inside each of us to share with the world. I also know that making a statement like that can leave us full of excitement and riddled with insecurity at the same time.

Showing up as your best creative self is necessary and scary at the same time. (Click to tweet)

When I asked myself what my next creative iteration was going to be, I went on my own journey. It led me to look around my house, my environment, I asked myself what I loved and what I simply felt “just okay” with. I have blogged about it, I have created two courses about it! One (Discover Your Passion)  where I just asked myself to slow down, get unstuck, force myself to come to terms with what I was passion about and yes, it can be more than one thing! The other course (Smart Creative Style)  is about a bigger transformation.

The Style Course was a big undertaking.  I had realized from coaching, talking to so-many-women and from my own path, was that people need to get to a place where they love who they are and what they are producing.  I also knew that in the process they COULD find their own paths and voices. This course is about embracing what you love about yourself and exploring how it will show up in what you create.

I know what it is like to sit uncomfortably in a place in your career when something was not clicking. I know that on the outside (and monetarily) things can appear to be working but inside something isn’t clicking.

I can’t tell you how-many-times I have heard an artist say, “I wouldn’t buy my own art.”

That doesn’t mean it is bad or immature work. What it does mean that what your hand and and eye are producing is not what your heart and spirit wants to be producing. I know you can exist that way for sometime until you start to get uncomfortable, maybe even a bit resentful (weird mix of emotions but I have seen it and experienced it myself.)

You might be saying:

“This is what people want.” “This what my clients expect.” “My agent expects this from me.” “I’ll lose money if I do something different.”

What I am here to tell you is that, it does NOT have to be that way. When I gave myself permission to take TIME OUT to explore what I liked and why I liked it, that is when things started clicking in my heart. This does not mean it all came together is a giant flash from heaven. It has been a process that I have had to commit to. Owning and starting a new creative business can be hard and vulnerable at the same time.  It is important to be diligent in figuring out what will work for you as an individual and sometimes it feels like you are putting your heart on the line!

I ran across a big sign I made for my office a while back (I am a bit obsessive about inspirational quotes!)

“I am an artist who prefers to paint things for people rather than walls. I start with painting something that I like.” -Vera Nuemann

For me it would read, “I am an artist who prefers to create things for people. I want them to have fun and feel good about themselves. I start by creating something I like.”


This has been such a journey for me. Don’t just create what might sell, don’t just create because some thing is trending (unless you love that trend and that is OKAY). Create because you love and trust that you have it in you.   That trust and love can take a while, it may need nurturing, it may take some exploring. But when you end up  playing and growing on your journey, you know that the JOURNEY really is the destination. Take a peek at my splash page for XO, Monica Lee, accessories for your life! I am getting close and I am pretty excited. 🙂 When I embraced the process instead of just the end result, everything started to fall into place. It became FUN.

From one girlfriend to another, it is time to love yourself and to love what you create.  (Click to tweet)

I do hope you consider joining me in Smart Creative Style. This is the last time I am running it in this comprehensive manner. I dropped the price over $100 from previous runs. The  6 week program is $329. It was specifically created with a creative person in mind. I get that there are a lot of business courses out there, but I also know that we live in a very visual world and it is easy to get overwhelmed on what to do next and what it should look like. I interviewed some rockstar women inside the course about their own businesses. It is a fun, game changing course.

You will walk away with visual tools that can help you create, market and brand yourself in a way you never have before. It is time for you to love what you do and why you do it. Class starts next Monday, March 9th 2015. You can register here.


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  • kmericks says:

    I know just what you mean here. Your course has shown me so many new levels to my own personal style. After much exploration, starts and stops, I am finally feeling like I’m coming to my own in my art. This past year has been nuts on a personal level, too. It is interesting to see how the two play together and how much the current results are about the journey. I almost put end results, but really there are no end results as an artist. 🙂 Can’t wait to see where your journey takes you!

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