Flora Bowley on painting, being in business and being brave

Flora Bowley is just lovely! She is  an interesting, passionate painter and a successful business women. I love the mix! Flora has been painting  or “doing the work”  for years and has recently exploded onto the internet scene through her teaching and workshop offerings. She has taught popular classes at Squam Art Workshops and she now even teaches an online course. Her intuitive painting style has captured the imagination of students worldwide! (P.S. If anyone sees fit to send me to her workshop in Italy so I can have a full circle-born in Italy-go-back-and-be-a-free-spirited-painter moment, just let me know!) She  recently  wrote the book Brave Intuitive Painting. Pick it up if you want to learn more about her and her process! Flora is as inspirational and vibrant as her paintings! I really think you will enjoy her insights!

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  • This is a great interview, and thank you for introducing Flora to us all! I love her work! ok, back to watching/listening

  • Terri

    Thank you for featuring Flora…I have read and applied her art techniques and they are fun and make for beautiful Art! Her book, Brave Intuitive Painting, is wonderful. I wish I had the bucks to travel to one of her workshops!!

    Easton, MA

    • Monica Lee

      I guess instead of traveling to paint with her, we’ll just have to curl up with her book a glass of wine and some pasta and pretend we are in Italy!

  • Monica – thanks so much for this delightful interview with artist Flora Bowley. It is inspiring and exciting to hear her story about combining fine art and business!

    • Monica Lee

      I agree, I think it is an exciting combo!

  • Great interview! I love how Flora impressed “doing the work” – something that we often overlook because it’s so easy to assume people have had quick successes on the Internet. Everything seems to happen so fast, but not without a history behind it all!

    I just got Flora’s book, and so excited to dive in 🙂

  • Thank you all for the lovely comments and thank you Monica for this interview. I really enjoyed chatting with you! I feel the need to apologize for my sniffly nose during this interview…GEEZ! Allergies were kicking my butt that morning! Anyhoo, hope it’s not too distracting. Ha!

    With gratitude,
    xo flora

    • Monica Lee

      Oh thank you! I really enjoyed you as well. Keep up all the beautiful work!

  • BJ Lantz

    Great interview, girls! Nice to “see” you again, Flora :-). I was one of the first batch to take Flora’s 1-day workshop at Squam and I have been painting regularly ever since, evolving my own style. The class really did help me get out of my head and just paint. It was indeed transformative and I would highly recommend her as an instructor. The one day class was exhausting and intense – in a good way – but I can see why she chose to expand the length. So happy for all your success and wishes to you for much more! BJ

  • Loved this interview, I listened as I painted. Wonderful background. I head to Squam next week….my first. I am also in the Squam art fair with some amazing artists. Excited to open my mind up for this experience! Loved Flora’s comments on Squam. I also took Flora’s class online. As she said, it became uniquely my own. Loved it!