Fiona Humberstone: The Brand Stylist

This topic is so near and dear to my heart! Styling your brand! If you know me, I believe we all have an  innate style within us, so talking to Fiona about applying it to your brand is right up my alley! In fact, as a creative I believe we are required to bring an EXTRA dose of style to our businesses and lives. Fortunately,  Fiona Humberstone is here to help!

Drawing on her background  from developing brands for companies worldwide, Fiona Humberstone’s beautifully designed coffee table book, ‘How To Style Your Brand’ is a one-of-a-kind design bible for business owners. Packed with more than 60 inspirational examples of brand identities, her book is a  comprehensive workbook  on how to do it right! And just incase you want a MORE hands on approach Fiona conducts in-person workshops as well (in fact we got on so famously, we may have a little  collaboration up our sleeves this spring!)

In this chat, we talk about  how she made the LEAP  and committed to write a book and SELF PUBLISH it even before she had an audience “in place!” I like it when someone is successful in defying conventional wisdom!  For you moms out there, we really dig deep on what being a mom means to her and the decisions she has made to keep work life/children  balance in her life. Lots to learn here!


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  • Fiona’s story is fabbytastic! I was mesmerized by her story of origin, her entrepreneurial journey as a brand stylist, her book writing/publishing adventure, and all her personal tidbits as a mum.

    Lovely interview with a charismatic, humorous, delightful guest! I’m a single mum with four daughters and I have a special affinity for women who forge ahead with their passions and dreams while raising children.

    P.S. Freelance copy editor here. Fiona, I was so pleased to learn you were open to hiring someone like me to edit your gorgeous coffee table book. Thank you for showing support for those of us who are flying solo! We need to clone people like you. The world would be a better place. 🙂

  • Josephine says:

    I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Fiona directly last month as I was going through a brand re-fresh. She’s the REAL DEAL. Such a talent, full of helpful information and her book is not only gorgeous but will also set you on the right track. It’s seriously a MUST buy if you are working on styling your own brand or working with a designer to do it with you (plus the opportunity to support a self-publisher? Yes please!).

    I absolutely LOVED hearing Fiona’s story! I’m so inspired by how she bet on herself and sets her days up based on what works for her. Feeling so inspired by your interview. Thank you!

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