Fine artist Kim Morin Weineck on seeing beauty everywhere

I met Kim Morin Weineck a few years ago and fell in love with her art! When I met her she was single, owned a darling art supply and gift store where she also taught classes. Fast forward a few years and she is married and 2 adorable little girls! Where did the time go!? Fortunately she is still just as passionate about her art as when I met her! Kim Morin Weineck is a pastel and oil painter who concentrates on the beauty of landscapes.  She communicates the experience of a place in her work. “When someone says my painting makes them feel content, I know I’ve captured that essence which made me create the piece in the first place.” When I look at her art, I feel like I have taken a mini vacation!

But let’s not forget the business lesson that you can learn from Kim..that you can rock your art business even without a heavy online presence! Kim is well connected in our community and has a loyal following through facebook (free) and her blog (free) and through the gallery that she works with. Which means what….? Which means you can do it too! Which means you cannot let anything stop you, no excuses! Kim did make the leap (ok, maybe I pushed her..) and recently used Squarespace to get a beautiful website up and running. Omigosh, lovely!

Here is some of Kim’s work…don’t you feel like you just stepped outside into sunshine?  Be sure and like her Facebook page here!


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  • karen

    “when you are doing what you are suppose to be doing, life is easy”!!!!!!!! love that
    now I’m off to Kim’s facebook page
    thanks ladies

    • Monica Lee

      Karen, I love that that is what you got out of this interview!!

    • Kim

      Thanks, Karen. I loved that part, too!

      Best, Kim

  • Kim

    Monica! Just watched my own interview on SCW and what a hoot it was to see. Thanks for the chance to talk about art and teaching and everything else that came up in that wonderful half hour.
    It was a valued opportunity to learn and share. xxoo, Kim

  • Kim is an extrememly talented and dedicated artist. Her work is electric and colorful and truely authentic. He family is young and takes a lot of time from her work, but I think you can feel the energy and passion in her work more because of the amount of time she actually has to paint. I am happy to say I have one of her pieces and I look forward to watching her grow!

    • Kim

      …and I’m happy to say I now have TWO of your paintings, Dianne. Treasures – each of them!


      “Electic” and “Authentic” are huge compliments and I’m writing them on post-its to stick on my easel today.

      Enjoy your trip to Provence and can’t wait to see what you create there! xxoo, Kim

      • Kim


        I was so excited I made a typo. 😛

  • I have just fallen head over heals for Kim and for pastels. Jumped over to Kim’s blog and off to the interview. Thanks for bringing this amazing artist to my attention!!!

    • Monica Lee

      Aren’t they beautiful, Paula? It is so nice to feature such a wonderful woman like Kim!

    • Kim

      Paula, thanks for your positive remarks!

      And you’re right to point out how great it is that Monica connects us with such amazing people. I’m so excitedly flattered to be among those interviewed!

      Best, Kim

  • What a great interview and what a talented artist Kim is! I’ll be liking her Facebook page. 🙂

  • What a wonderful interview Monica and Kim. Such a JOY to watch. So proud to say I knew KIm when…Kim’s progress over the years has been amazing and continues to grow and change. Love all the avenues Kim has taken to put her work out there. She has that exceptional combination of talent and business savey to get herself noticed in the right places and hopefully will hit the big time very soon. She has worked hard and deserves all the recognition that should come with her talent and very hard work. So excited and proud to be one of her NVA and her aunt.

    • Kim

      My aunt! Yes!

      Dear aunt d— thanks for your comment here. I’m truly touched. xxoo

      (love you more)


  • betz White

    Hi Kim and Monica,
    I understand the statement about taking the easy path in terms of what you are good at and love. But what about those things that you are good at and love that are not easy, but are a struggle? Sometimes when the universe says no I can’t decide what attitude to take…either try harder or give in and pick another path.

    Thanks for the intro to Kim’s beautiful work!

    • Kim

      Hi Betz,

      Your point is well-made and brings up so much!

      Our presented paths change and we can take many differing and yet ‘correct’ turns along the way. Many results are good and many times we’re humbled and struggle.

      It’s cliched, yes, but in my experience it’s akin to “when you find your match in a partner you just know.”

      When placed in important situations/given important choices I feel the same pull: I “just know.” Sometimes the answer is to go with the difficulties. Heck, the easel/craft table/sewing machine is a humbling place so very often! Even then things seem easier personally!

      Thanks and take care,

  • Thank you Monica for introducing me to Kim and for this great interview. Love your work!! I thoroughly enjoyed listening to you ladies while grabbing some lunch today. Kim, you say about your art, that when someone says your work makes them feel content, that you’ve captured the essence of the painting which made you create it in the first place. I feel like that (for my painting) also. And it’s also comforting to know that I am not the only ‘neat’ artist out there 🙂

    • Kim

      Yay! another ‘neat’ artist, Monica!!

      I’ll be looking you up, Rita!
      Thanks, Kim

  • Thanks so much for this interview, Monica! I really look forward to Tuesdays, now. What a great way to start my work week…I take Mondays easy and get out of the house for a weekly yoga and dance class. Then wake up on Tuesday to watch you and start on business for the next 6 days!

    Kim was a cute guest this time! I’m still trying to find what’s easy for me…I love designing, teaching and filming, but hate marketing and websites! So, I’m looking for what I love, in what I hate, so it can flow better.

    I’ll go check out Kims on facebook!

    • Kim

      Hi Katrina,
      Your comment about finding what you love in what you hate resonates with so many of us. Been there. Feel your pain! Best of luck!!

  • What great timing! I am teaching my very first art class to five special people in two weeks. It was wonderful to hear Kim talk about her approach. I too find when I paint that the emotional and hidden fears come out. I am going to ask my students to bring some pieces of letters, photos that mean something to them to incorporate into their masterpiece.

    Doing something that comes easy is a great reminder. Believing that it will all work out is hard. Thanks for the goodness you bring!

    • Kim

      Thanks for sharing your teaching insight and assignment. Love the idea for incorporating the meaningful items in the work – I think it’s a great way to begin/get unblocked/start afresh. I’m going to use that, too!

      You’re right on: believing it will all work out is hard. I hear time and again about always being the most authentic self you can be and maybe when doing that it’s easier to trust in the path (maybe?).

      Suppose the important thing is to enjoy the journey – and all the cliches that ring so true.
      Best to you!

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