Fine art photographer Julie Waterhouse’s journey from corporate job to dream job

Today’s interview covers terrific topics! Julie Waterhouse discusses the spark that led her to leave her day job and take on self employment as a fine art photographer. She also talks about the plan (Yes! She had a plan!) that she put in place to make that dream happen. She refers to it as “stepping off a big cliff.” She is a gifted teacher and is able to incorporate the technical side of photography along with incredible creative perspective. One of the most interesting things that she suggests to stimulate creativity is to put restrictions on yourself. That took me by surprise and I think it is really a golden nugget piece of advice. Be sure and watch this episode to get the full meaning of what restricting yourself  means. What are exercises that you have used to draw out more creativity with in yourself?

You can check out all her great advice on her second website Ultimate Photography Tips. Julie has these ebooks about taking close up shots and visual story telling.

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  • Love your interviews! They’re so informative and encouraging for anyone starting their own business. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who got the “last haircut” right right before resigning!

    • Holly, it’s nice to know that I wasn’t the only one, either! I hope you’re back to luxury spa treatments already (or soon!) 🙂

  • Beautiful photography! Julie, thanks for sharing your journey : )

    • Thank you, Laura! 🙂