Fashion Illustrator Holly Nichols grows her following

I have fun treat for you today (ok and for me) because her art speaks right to the glamourous side of me (eh hem) as I type this wearing sweat pants.  Holly Nichols is with me and she is sharing her rapid rise, how she went from student to full time illustrator in a very short amount of time. What was her biggest key to success? Finding what SHE liked to illustrate and leveraging Instagram! I just love it when someone younger than I am teaches me a new way of looking at things. In this interview, you will hear how she went from 1 k to 18k followers (now 19k since our interview) in under a year! Pretty amazing, right? She was disciplined and thoughtful in ways that wouldn’t have thought of.  I just love a smart cookie like Holly. All this has led to some pretty EXCITING opportunities coming up in her future! Tune in to this episode to listen in to Holly’s story!

You can see all her chic work on her website. You can follow her on instagram here.   Check out her unique partnership with a wedding store here. Buy cute prints and cards from her Etsy shop here.





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    • Monica Lee

      No, That is not true, at one point Instagram wanted to be able to use imagery for their own advertising but after a huge outcry, they rewrote their policy

  • Guest

    Thanks so much for this great podcast, Monica! I think I got more IG tips from this than a recent 3 day webinar! Your focus on usable information, financial success, lessons learned is so refreshing in a sea of inspiration. Giving insight on ‘how to do it’ instead of just ‘you can do it’ is so helpful. Thank you!!

    • Monica Lee

      Oh That is a really nice compliment, thank you so much!!

  • April Heather Art

    I’m so glad I finally had a chance to listen to this GREAT interview! Thank you Monica and Holly! Instagram is amazing and is by far my fav way to connect–I learned a lot today!