I thought Smart Creative Women was an interview podcast site, what has changed?

When I began Smart Creative Women in 2012, it actually started with video interviews! That seems like such a long time ago, when I used to have to comb my hair and work the lighting in my office! As technology and people’s habits changed, I migrated over to podcasts.

When I began online, their were very few people talking about the “business side of creativity.” Now their are many other voices adding to this discussion as there should be!

I conducted over 200+ interviews…possibly more than that, I need to count them, currently on the site. I am taking a sabbatical from the podcast now that the airwaves are filled with other podcasts popping up and filling that need.

The mission of the site is still the same:learn, inspire, grow. Now you get to see artists and artisans, some new some recognizable, who have pushed their creativity in unexpected ways. Sometimes it is in stunning craftsmanship, sometimes it is in how they edit their work,  or in just how they “see” and interpret the world. You get the opportunity to sink into their world for a brief moment. All of this hopefully inspiring you to bring your best self to your own creative practice. I will also hopefully just make you stop and get some creative nourishment throughout your busy day.

Why the name change?

Changing the name to Smart Creative Art allows men and their creativity to be featured too! I know I didn’t necessarily need to change anything to do that but I did want to democratize things a bit. It also more clearly represents what the site is about. While I consider the term ART to cover a wide berth of genres, this slight shift should distinguish a shift and realignment to the value of nourishing creativity.

Can I email you will suggestions of who to feature?

I would actually love it if you went to the new Instagram account @SmartCreativeArt and followed along (thank you ahead of time!) and then you can #smartcreativeart on who you think might be a good feature. It is much easier for me see what inspires you this way! If you have an account that you adore, that is not necessarily what might be considered art related i.e. travel, food, fashion then just tag #smartcreativeaccount on what you love staring at, I want to see what you love to see. I may be featuring Instgram accounts too!

Are the podcasts still up on iTunes?

Yup! Even though the podcasts are on hiatus,  the previous ones still are and they are also all still on this site. You can find them via this link Smart Creative Women Podcast Interviews or you can even check out the Guest Page of past guests (They are ALL simply a-m-a-z-i-n-g women!)

Do you still run Smart Creative Style?

I don’t run the e-course in it’s old 6 week format. I do, however, help regular folk,  artists and small businesses with unlocking the key elements to their style and work with them on what their signature look is. This  can help people with new creative paths in their personal and professional work. Hey, it can even help you clean out you closet and buy a new couch! Sound like a miracle drug? Getting to know what yourself and what appeals to you, which is what the Smart Creative Style process is,  is an actual miracle. The world needs 

I even help small businesses find the digital “set decoration” for their brands. We live in a very busy visual world and it is important to make a recognizable mark in tone, platter and look when you show up across all aspect of online life.

You can find out more at SmartCreativeStyle.com

Why do you feature some artist’s that we already know from museums and school?

Because they don’t call them “masters” for nothing! We need to be reminded how we got here artistically and why. I realize the internet is new, new, new, but we need to keep great masters and artisans in the  forefront of our minds. As much as I would love to head to a museum every weekend, it doesn’t always happen. Looking at great art never gets old and it should inspire us to look at the world in fresh ways on a continual basis. Every single time I stand in front of a Monet,  I am stuck by a new emotion and the desire to make myself an better creator. P.S. Visit galleries, exhibits and museums whenever and where you can!