Fairfield Porter


When I look at a Fairfield Porter painting, it sears a spot in my brain for several days. I finally found an artists who “sees” landscapes the way I do. Shadows are much deeper and small shapes all blend into solid masses. I adore his work. Porter (1907-1975) was considered  foremost  a realist with an understanding of gestural abstractionism. That  might sound really smart (trust me, those words weren’t mine) but if you put the thoughts together it makes sense. He was painting and hanging out with a bunch of Abstract Expressionists in New York who where certainly influencing his work,  but held the belief you painted what you realistically lived. For him, that was an expression his authentic experience. Interesting today when we look at some much photography, right? I am in a happy place when I stare at his work, not to mention that his work beautifully captures the nuances of New England living. I think I need to be out back with a bottle of coke sitting on my adirondack chair.



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