Erin Hiemstra from Apartment 34 on business, branding and content marketing


I met Erin Hiemstra when I took one of her classes on social media and branding.  Boy, was I impressed! Erin is a lifestyle blogger, or as she calls it, a content marketer.

I love her gumption; she went from working full time at a PR firm to a full time blogger. Erin has her finger on the pulse; she has great insight and thoughts of what is going on online with sponsors, finding balance while using social media and planning. (And you know how I love a planner!) Oh! I almost forgot to mention her blog, Apartment 34. It rocks!

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  • This is WONDERFUL! THANK YOU BOTH so much for sharing this information and real life story of success. You give “us” hope! 😀

    • Monica Lee

      Wow! I am so glad you liked it Leslie!

  • I listen to your interviews while I am working at my light table and always get so much great info.
    Your a great host and a great example of providing content that your readers need and want. You always ask the questions I wish I could if I had the chance to talk to all these cool people.
    Thanks so much!

    • Monica Lee

      oh Debi! That means so much to me…I guess being curious has finally paid off!

  • Thanks so much for having me Monica!

    • Really fantastic! I loved hearing all her advice. Ive just found you…gonna go dig for some more interviews. Thanks!

  • Thanks so much for sharing! This was a great interview. I had a few ‘ahas’!! I love it when that happens. I am a teacher blogger and new at all this so it was extremely helpful. Erin was great! I discovered your site a few weeks ago and love all the resources and inspiration. Thanks so much!!! April

  • Really good interview!! Thank you both!
    Such a practical and real talk, we are just starting the real business here at South America, so this subject is particularly interesting and useful.

  • Ladies thank you both for an engaging and insightful interview. I am a newbie to style blogging and I’m still learning, organising and defining as I go.
    I’ve been following Apt 34 for months now and look forward to Erin’s posts but it’s great to come across Monica’s site too!

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  • Wow, this was a wonderfully informative interview. I had a quite a few ‘ah-ha’ moments during this too. I’d love to see you interview Erin again!