Emma and Grace from Fohr Card

As you may or may or not know, I have a bit of  fascination on how the internet and social media have changed the way we interact with brands. Brands that are trying interact with us as individuals online and offline. My curiosity led me to these lovely ladies, Emma Hetherington and Grace Murray from Fohr Card.

Advertising and print media has changed dramatically in the rise of the “new advertising machines” called ” influencers.” Enter companies   like   Fohr Card,  a company that brings brands and influencers together for smart campaigns. Emma  and  Grace have such a fun story  that may have included a  quarter life crisis, hopping on an airplane landing in a snowstorm in NYC and making careers for themselves. You will like this dog-walking-turned-into-opportunity story, so tune in!

You may just want to start   reaching out to brands that could be looking for a creative with YOUR special skills.  Listen in and   check out   Fohr Card, no giant following necessary.  It is free and only requires some creative  ideas as to what is possible. Not bad, right?

From the founders of  Fohr Card: “We founded Fohr card   with the purpose of bringing together two groups of people who share a love for storytelling; creative brands and creative influencers. Alone, each can create beautiful stories. Together, we believe they can create even greater ones.”



Emma and Grace



Here is a peek at my profile. Once you sign up, Fohr Card keeps all your posts and stats current in real time. I get the opportunity to see the needs of brands that have signed up to use Fohr Card.


Fohr Card Team
Fohr Card team