Emily McDowell’s amazing adventure

Emily McDowell is one to watch! She is fun. Wait! I meant she is FUNNY! Ok, she is fun and  funny!

She is making it happen. “It” being a rapidly growing stationery and gift company.  What has happened to her in the last year has turned into what she calls a learning curve-tastic-adventure. (Insert tune: THIS GIRL IS ON FIRE) Her art and her take-no-prisoner-sentiments have hit the pulse of a delighted and amused audience. Fast (read: meteoric) growth has been the result. Tune in as she gives advice and shares her story.

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  • Kitchen Worktops Guy

    I just love those temporary tattoos! They look so classy!


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  • Emily is so cool! Great interview and super inspiring – woohoo!

    • Emily is cool! Hoping some of that cool rubs off on me, haha!

  • Phyllis Harris

    Wow!!! Talk about inspirational!!! AND informative as well. 🙂 There was SO much good information in that interview for anyone who is thinking of starting a small business or who has already started one and is not too sure about what to do next at times…like me! Thank you Monica for having this amazing interview with Emily! Wishing you the best, Emily!! I think you have got an amazing future!! 🙂

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  • This was so awesome! I’m such a huge fan of Emily and had no idea she’d started out that way, so it was really great to hear how it all happened. Thank you! 🙂

  • Cynthia Katz

    Thanks for the great interview! Very interesting and informative – definitely helps to give courage. Beautiful and witty creations too 🙂