Embrace your fears?

Befriending your  fear might just be the fastest way to move past it.  I figure if FEAR has so many other friends (like doubt and procrastination) why not embrace it so you can control its destiny?  In this video, I talk about some of my favorite tips on how to deal with fear and one specific TRAP that can keep you from moving towards your destination. Let’s avoid traps, please!

I also have a BIG announcement (when and why-yes there is a specific WHY!) about  my e-course SMART CREATIVE STYLE .  I believe HOW to show up for yourself  and how you earn money  COUNTS! This is not the time to be a cookie cutter creative! Authentic is NOT just a buzz word. As a creative we need to strive for originality and as entrepreneurs, we are the leaders of our own brands and our businesses! I agree with Tom when he says “Nobody knows your business better than you do!”  That means you need a course that helps you figure out what that looks like for you as an individual! No more batching and lumping everyone together. You are unique and so is your creative voice, it should be nurtured!

I had some fabulous help putting together this course and have had some incredible and humbling reviews. You can read posts by Gabriella Buckingham, Tory Higa from the last class, explaining what the course did for them. Chanel Christoff Davis even made a VIDEO montage  expressing her style!! How fun is that?

Part of the BIG news is that we are  planning on running the next course as a fundraiser for a dear friend and teacher from the course Khali Whatley.  Don’t miss this video!


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  • Gosh, Monica, I couldn’t agree more – Khali is such a wonderful person! She has always been so free and generous with her advice. Hope she is ok…?

  • What a lovely idea to help Khali out… I feel so grateful that we can always come together to help each other in times of need. Sending my best to Khali!

    Regarding the topic of fear and loved how you said doubt might be his best friend 🙂 It’s funny how we always hear of creatives battling these elements… you usually don’t hear of your dentist having these fears! Hah!