Elle Luna: Choose Must

I had great fun interviewing Elle Luna about her work and her book The Crossroads of Should and Must.  Elle really hits home as she talks about what led her to quit her job and risk everything, all in response to a recurring dream. (What?) This practical Virgo freaked out and got it at the same time. Elle is a prolific artist and now successful writer and speaker leading a movement to discover and follow your own passion. She is no stranger to the practical aspects of life, she has a background in tech start ups and she lives in the Bay area where rents are not to be taken lightly! Elle is a gifted painter and her energy to motivate people is palpable.

Her book is SUCH a great gift to ANYONE making a life transition, graduate, career changes and to any artist girlfriend that needs some LOVE. I chimed in and suggested you buy 2 one for yourself and one for a friend! In the podcast she has a little gift for you if you do buy 2.  She’ll send you a little piece of Choose Must art. Just send your receipt to choosemust@gmail.com

Tune in to this interview and she what see is all about!  Follow her on  instagram @elleluna (along with 124K fans-WOW!)  and see her beautiful sprit shine.








  • Rosalina

    I love this interview!!!!! So inspirational and I will be checking out this 100 day project. Thank you Monica for all the great interviews.

  • beautiful interview, so inspiring and such a cool conversation that I seriously wanted to be there and jump in!!! oh how I miss creative conversations… we need retreats just for that!

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  • Patty Palmer

    Wonderful interview. Can’t wait to read more of Elle’s thoughts. I don’t know how you find all of these amazing women, Monica, but keep the podcasts coming. Love them!

  • What an awesome interview! So inspiring I can’t wait to get the book to here more from Elle!

  • Stephanie Brockway

    LOVE this interview! Elle is a gem. So well-spoken and inspiring. Thank you to you both!!

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