Drew Brophy on authenticity in art and in life

We have a Smart Creative Man today, Drew Brophy! You may remember the smart cookie, Maria Brophy who has come on SCW to bring us all sorts of good art licensing info, this is her talented husband. You HAVE to listen to this interview. I know I say that often but he has so much wisdom to share. Drew explains his art and life philosophy in a truly unique way. I LOVED  his quote, “You have to train people to think of you as an artist.” He goes on to explain the importance of being able to articulate who you are clearly to people (artist or not).  What I like about Drew and his art career is that he has stayed completely true to his aesthetic and been hugely successful. Listen to his advice about authenticity and your work (it applies to everyone!) I also like what he does to stay focused on his goals. He tells young people that they need to know what they want. What do you think of that advice?  Hang on to the end…he is awesome!

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  • You knocked another one out of the ball park. Great interview. Very inspiring to hear Drew’s story and his passion. Love how he figured it out himself and is passing the information on to others.

    My sister, my daughters and granddaughter – like many creatives, didn’t think they could make a living as a creative – so they bailed on that part of themselves. I’m sharing this video with my granddaughter who is 21. May it inspire her to pursue her passion.

    Drawing and painting are not my thing. I am good at teaching, facilitating, and creating/designing transformative conversations.

    I’m sharing your work and your website with all my FB friends, and beyond. Keep up the good work! You are inspiring me to do more. Thanks, Elaine

    • Monica Lee

      Oh my gosh, Elaine!!! That is so so kind of you! I love that your are sharing it with your granddaughter!!

    • Thanks for the comment, Elaine, and for sharing the interview with your granddaughter. I hope she is inspired by it!

  • Maria and Drew,

    I have to tell you how much I enjoyed listening to this interview! Drew has a lot of great experience and information to offer and it’s great that he is open and willing to share it with us!

    I will admit that when I first heard of him through Tara Reed’s “Ask Call”, I did wonder if a guy who paints surf boards ( which is cool, don’t get me wrong ; ) would have any info. about art licensing to share that would relate or appeal to me and my art business,…but oh my gosh!
    …I was pleasantly surprised back then and also now with this interview!

    I love how he speaks about what it takes to be a TRUE artist and successful at what we choose to do.
    That really IS what the bottom line is whether it’s in art licensing or fine art or any creative career path.

    Thank you so much for the wonderful interview Drew! …and thanks to Maria for offering this interview to us!

    Keep up the great work both of you!
    – Gina

    • Gina, thanks! Glad you found me here. And, thanks to Monica Lee for having me!

  • Woo! I like the attitude of this dude.

    So inspiring it hear his story. It’s so true ~ lots of people don’t even know what they want. And that’s the place you should start.

    Thanks Monica and Drew! Cheers.

  • Thanks, Monica, for having this interview with Drew Brophy! Thanks, Drew, for the comments concerning higher education and direction for college students in art. I know that as a former teacher of art, I have grown to realize that I am still teaching the public about the role and value of the artist and her product in society. Although the internet is making it possible for more exposure, I still believe that we need some education reform, especially in the way we direct students who have a passion and are trying to follow it. I think it is so cool that Drew and Maria have opened the dialogue and promoted the out of the box thinking that is mostly discouraged in collegiate programs. Thank you, Drew, Maria, and Monica, for encouraging this very important dialogue. I know when I was in school, it was unheard of to incorporate business tactics with art education. I used to tell my students to follow their passion, and I am happy to report that I have heard back from many who actually followed that advice.

    • Monica Lee

      Wow Kandy! Thanks for your comments!! I was happily surprised by Drew’s response to my question about. I think it is great that college are bringing them in to open students to new ways of thinking!

  • Wow! wonderful interview I’ve heard about Drew Brophy and am so glad I got the chance to hear him speak!

    Thank you Monica!

    Suzanne U.

  • Lorenzo

    Monica, thank you for conducting these interviews with Maria and now Drew. I’m a big fan of this dynamic duo and it’s great to hear their inspiring insight. They are also great examples of adapting to the changing financial market. For me, they are inspiring in the way they stay true to themselves, understand what they are dealing with and make it work (adapt with integrity). Plus, the vibrant energy in Drew’s art is very uplifting and all of it is cool going back to his earlier works too. Thank you for asking such insightful questions and bringing a positive vibe to your interviews.

    • Monica Lee

      Oh Lorenzo, You made my morning! Thank you so much! I think they are a dynamic duo too!

  • Loved this interview Monica. They just keep getting better and better. I have a corporate background and think completely out of the box as a full time artist. I could hear Drew saying, “keep going….you are on the right track. Your own track.”

    Thank you both for this uplifting chat. Feel like you are both in my studio with me.

  • Thanks everyone for the positive feedback. This is a great community of artist, I feel fortunate to have become a part of. Thanks, Monica!

  • Levi moodie

    Just want to say thanks for this post! I have been an artist all my life and am just trying to figure out how I can work at my passion full time. Drew is a smart man and he has some awesome advice! I hope one day to be in the same situation, im halfway there living in the dominican 8 months out of the year just have to figure out how to keep it up with my art instead of going back to canada in the summers to do construction. Keep living the dream drew I hope to meet you one day and buy you a cerveza on the beach ONE LOVE!!!!!

  • Monica, you did a great job interviewing Drew. Awesome insights!

    Thanks to both of you for doing what you do in the way you do it.

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