Dreams, Plans, Goals

Khali Whatley is back! She has turned into such a lovely blessing in my life! All since starting the show! She tuned in, reached out to me and now I have a wonderful friend! Yeah!! We were making a special recording for the Smart Creative Style Course Q and A and we made one for you as well.   We are talking about business goals, why you need them and HOW to tackle them!  You might be surprised! This 10 minutes could CHANGE the way you operate in a POSITIVE way!!  Great stories packed into this short video (and a teary eyed Monica!)  It’s a good one! Tune in!



  • Michelle Schneider says:

    for some reason i’m having trouble viewing the video. it stops after about a minute…i’m wondering if it’s just my internet connection or browser?

    • Monica Lee says:

      HI Michelle! I just deactivated a plug in that I THINK was the problem! Let’s see if that works!

  • pat sloan says:

    Fantastic 10 minutes.. a life changer to have those goals.. and both of you put it in such doable terms. Easy to understand… going to share this!

    • Monica Lee says:

      Thank you so much Pat! I am so happy you enjoyed it! now go out and sport those CUTE shoes that I saw on you on FB!

  • Khali Whatley says:

    YOU are a blessing in my life. So glad we have been able to work together.

  • fantaaaastic! thanks for this – very inspiring! my lovely mum has a saying : "dream and plan big so if only part of this would come true you will be happy anyway:)" and I believe that's so true as when you put some(or much rather A LOT;) extra afford in what you're doing then even if you didn't reach some of your goals(that might happen right?) instead of disappointment always some other great things are coming sometimes totally unexpected. So that's a good deal 🙂

  • Sue Pelletiere Grilli says:

    What a great reminder for all of us- clear and concise. Thanks Monica and Khali, you’re the best!

  • YOUR lovely mum is right, aren't they most of the time though?

  • Mihaela says:

    Wow, love this practical, down to earth advice. Be realistic, that’s what I’m hearing here. Thank you Monica for another interesting video!

  • April Heather Art says:

    Monica & Khali–I just loved listening to you two this morning!! I so wish I had signed up for your class Monica!! I hope you will be offering it again soon–yes?? You know having a social media plan–that was like a light bulb going on for me….I have not had a plan AT ALL up to now….what was I thinking?? Thank you for turning on the light!

    • Monica Lee says:

      Thank you so much April-The class has been AMAZING and yes, I am planning on running it again at the end of Jan-lots of time to make it a part of your new years resolutions and maybe even a gift from Santa!!

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