Dr. Elisabeth Crim on listening to what your body is telling you

I thought I would introduce you to my BFF again, just incase you missed this episode. I am on my way out to see her, actually I am on my way out to my Great Aunt’s funeral but the bonus is that I get to spend time with her in the process. The beauty of the internet (or maybe the harm) is that I can squeeze work time in from anywhere.

She was a voice of calm for me this week. I was wrapping up a large (and overdue) project this week and was worn out (my own fault) and then I got the call that my  Great Aunt Micky had  passed away. I began the many phone calls to coordinate a last minute trip and Elisabeth could hear the edge in my voice. I needed rest.

Elisabeth reminded me to breathe  deeply and then she let out a loud chuckle and exclaimed, ” I am totally behind on a big project too, but I can’t wait to see you!”  Elisabeth is always good for deep understanding as well as a thigh slapping laugh.

Suddenly I was transported back to my freshman year in college when I met the future Dr. Crim and I was reminded that it all got done..eventually.  We giggled and encouraged each other through it all. We had made it this far, hadn’t we?

I also remembered going to the student post office and how every birthday and every Christmas, Micky had sent a card and a check. She was very generous. I am glad to clear my  schedule to honor her.

Life goes on whether we are rushing through it or not. It is really our choice, isn’t it? It seemed fitting today to have Dr. Crim remind us to go with the flow of life and not fight the current.



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  • Kathleen Tennant

    I absolutely loved this! I listened to this while I was re-working a painting and found myself remembering to breathe! Thank you! My condolences for you loss too!

  • Joy Hall

    This was so good! I didn’t want it to end!

    • Monica Lee

      Ha! That’s a great sentiment! I never want it to end when I am with Elisabeth either!

  • Carolina

    Very fun interview with a lot of important reminders about life. Thank you!

  • http://twitter.com/MelissAuClair Melissa AuClair

    This was the word I needed to hear this today. This one will take a few days to process as I I think about what you talked about with Dr. Crim. Thanks for bringing on your BFF Monica :)

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