Don’t miss the forest for the trees! Smart Creative Style is open!

Audio Podcast:

Being a creative business owner, make that ANY TYPE of business owner requires vision and a lot of it.

You have to have a lot of pieces in play to run a successful small business and it can be daunting. You know I am your constant cheerleader but I am also a practical cheerleader and I  want solutions! How do you gain that vision and get yourself to a place where your passion assists the tenacity you need to grow your creative business?

I want to you to succeed, I want to you to ask yourself the hard questions and be able to do math and to tackle marketing and to make sure your product is unique to the market place.

How do you make it unique to the market place? By tapping into what makes YOU unique!

What I see happening again and again is that our inner critic can trip us up. We get so consumed with being “good enough” that we fail to launch or when we do launch we are still waiting to “be discovered” instead of taking a common sense approach to marketing what we do. I have come across SO MANY people that don’t have time to do any social media or blogging to drive traffic to the sites for sales. Hey, I have  come across people who make it practically impossible to buy from them!? What???

I land on peoples websites and ask, “Who are they? What do they do? What are they selling?” I  often see SO MUCH work (way too much to wade through) that tells a very confusing story about the creator. I also see businesses that seem to lack commitment to themselves. They cautiously model themselves after who they think is doing “it right” and end up with a business devoid of any real personality.

THIS IS NOT YOU!  I want you to be successful! There is no shame in missing the forest for the tress, Lord knows I have been in quite a few forests myself! Let’s get you out of the forest and on a clear path.

This was the really motivation behind Smart Creative Style. First and foremost, we want you to tap into your own personal aesthetic! It is the foundation of the course.

I have interview a lot of women (and bring quite a few into the course!) and here are some consistent things that I see from ALL of them:

1) They know who they are, they understand their aesthetic. They have a unique style that suits THEM and they do NOT wrestle with it. They are not carbon copies of anyone else. They use their unique style to show up to be  their very best.

2) They are able to use this unique personal style in all aspects of their business even if they change their products offerings.

3) They don’t WAIT to be picked. They daily choose themselves.

4) They don’t shy away from  the hard stuff that comes along with being a creative business owner.

I want this to be you! If you feel like you are missing some components of this list then this is course for you.  If  you have 2 out of the 4 on this list, maybe you need an injection of  life into your business because it is feeling stale, then this course is for you as well!