Don’t be apprehensive about yourself, your creativity or your marketing!

Tom is back! We talk about marketing (or anti-marketing) and why some people just can’t wrap their brains around it! He gives a bit of insight into what he covers in the Smart Creative Style Course and then I give you a bit of my insights. Tune in, whether you are on the fence about the course  or not, this video can have you thinking a bit differently about how you approach your creative business.
As of this moment there are just a few spots left for a  FREE 45 minute coaching session with me once the course wraps up!! 
You need to act fast if you would like in on that!

Register here!

The course officially begins Feb. 11th
Questions you might have:

 What is covered in this course? 
Several fun mood boards and “outing” assignments that will define your look and creative style.
Your personal style and your creative business style overlap, and the key to clear branding and good business decisions comes from knowing what works for you, what you are best at and how to communicate that to the world!
We cover  business models, core business valuesyour competition, your target audience, logos and brand identity plus…
Marketing, marketing and  more marketing. We talk about ALL platforms of social media and we ask our guests to share what is working for them!! That within it’s self  pretty marvelous! I managed to get a few more guests on board for this session!

How long will it take each week? 
We release 2 weekly lessons for 6 weeks. It is about 2.5 hours of video plus worksheets and the FUN exercises each lesson. Working along with the course is the way to make the most of your experience. We give lots of feedback!!

How far along in my business should I be? 
You can be up and running and in need of  some eye opening information or just at the beginning and need a 6 week “creative business 101″ because that is what Smart Creative Style feels like. You can also be at a point where you need to whittle down your business offerings or jump start your creative style.  Smart Creative Style gets to  the bottom of who you really are! The beautiful part is-not one other person on the planet is like YOU- so there is no competition and no business envy inside this course. It is about you showing up in the world as your very best self!

How much does the course cost? 
It is $440. This is the point where you decide if you are “in” with the plans you have for yourself. This course can be a game changer in how you view yourself and your creative business. Read testimonials from the other students here.

Anything else?

You gave some scholarships out last time, will you be doing that again and if I sign up NOW, am I still  eligible for one? 
Yes and yes! I am working on getting some scholarships sponsored! Your name can definitely be tossed in the hat, just follow along with the scholarship guidelines when they are released and if you win one you will be refunded your full registration amount.

Do you still offer the “spread the word discount?”
Yes! You just need to write a blog post or put up a sidebar add about Smart Creative Style and send me the link. I will then send you a special registration link for $374. (Not sure that will work with the first 15  people that sign up to get a free coaching session, time may not be on your side) You can do the math and decide what works for you! More info about that discount is on the registration page here. 
What ever you do, just do something because…

BABY, YOU’RE A FIREWORK! (Insert tune! Woot!)


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