Do you suspect you are playing small? It is time to Play Big with Tara Mohr

Tara Mohr wants you to quit playing small and start Playing Big. When I heard Tara interviewed for the first time, I immediately googled her.  I knew that she was a person I wanted to hear more from. I KNEW that she was saying something that many people needed to hear! Apparently I am not the only one, Tara has garnered national media attention with her message. She realized that it wasn’t the normal stumbling blocks  holding women back,  she realized that most women suspected themselvesof playing too small all along. Watch my interview with her and see what she means.

She says the script in your head might look something like this:

Times I played small:

*When I didn’t call back a magazine editor who was interested in my work, because I was too afraid of not being good enough.
*When I got obsessed with approval and social media stats as if they said something about me.
*When I assumed that the people I was intimidated of didn’t like me.
*When I lost faith in the value of my work.

It is time to PLAY BIG people! Like this:

*When I called back the literary agents, even though I was afraid.
*When I said yes to the opportunities I didn’t feel ready for, but that thrilled me.
*When I decided to choose the thoughts that felt most radical and original, and to wake up early and show up at the blank page so I could hear them.

Tara’s work reflect her own  unique journey that reflects her hybrid background – her training as a life coach, her Stanford MBA, and her work on women’s leadership and on women’s wellbeing. You can read more about her here.

When we were done with the interview, we kept right on talking and I told her about my hopes for all the people who tune in to Smart Creative Women. I told her that I felt like we were on a journey to Play Big together! Then gave me an idea and I leapt at the chance. If you want to go through the course with me and use my affiliate link then I will set up 2 sessions of Clarity Coaching with you for free anytime during the course. This is a 6 month coaching program, she really  wants to you to really GET IT and so do I. I  am aware this is super short notice since the sign up closes tomorrow, Thursday, March 28th but I just didn’t want to wait another 6 months and spin my own wheels!

I looked at her payment plan and you can pay in monthly installments if one lump sum seems daunting. I was about to pay a personal trainer (at the gym) twice that!

This is what I believe:  I can give you all sorts of ways to market your creative business. I can give you all sort of products ideas, tell you how to position yourself in the market, help you clean up your web presence BUT if in your mind you still think, “Creative people don’t ever make money” “I am not sure anybody will like what I am offering, in fact I am unsure of what I am offering!” “I just can’t think like a business person!”  If those words roll around your mind, then all the other  marketing tools don’t amount to much.  You really have to reprogram how you view yourself. If you are ready to tackle all that, the way you see yourself and the nitty gritty marketing tools then let’s do this thing together!

You need to use this affiliate link   that  comes with 2 free coaching sessions with me at any point durin the 6 month program. I am excited, it feels pivotal AND fun!

If the timing is not right for you, that is perfectly alright, she will run it again.  Watch our interview and tell me if some of the things she talks about resonate with you. Keep an eye on her, she is one to watch!

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  • Lee Kellogg

    My brain is about to explode with all these great ideas! Thank you Monica Lee!

    • Monica Lee

      ha! Explosive ideas are a good thing!

  • She is pretty wonderful! I went and watched all of the videos & took notes. Then I sent some emails that my inner critic didn’t think I was prepared enough to send. (I had the word “execute” going through my mind too) I would love to take this course!

    • Monica Lee

      You are the best, Heather!!

  • Phyllis Harris

    LOVED this one! I could so relate to so much! Also, I am really loving your hair! I know it’s tough to grow out but you are wearin’ it well, my dear!!

    • Monica Lee

      I am glad you liked her! AND thank for the hair comment-you may know that I am a tad obsessed with it.

  • Sara Naumann

    Love all the shows, Monica–especially this one! Tara is fantastic and I’m off to check out her site now. Thanks for introducing her!

  • This interview really resonated, Monica! Thank you for doing what you do, because you are helping so many of your viewers (even the non-creative one!)

  • Nicky

    WOW and yes. Thanks Monica and Tara!