Discovering My Style by Corrie Wessman


Boy, it has felt like a full-on marathon to figure out my style. Have you been there? What I’ve discovered along the way is the more I push myself to grow, the louder my insecurities become. As an artist, my work is so intertwined with who I am as a person, that the two can hardly be separated. It’s emotional work to produce art! I find I will compare myself to others and judge where I am at in the process instead of embracing it. I worry about not finding success. I am fearful OF success. All of these inner battles play into me allowing myself the time and space to find my own style. It can slow me down if I’m not careful!

Finding my own style hasn’t been a perfectly paved path leading me in the right direction. Quite the contrary! Each step individually has not given me a clearer vision, but the decision to keep making steps forward and the culmination of them all has played the biggest role in bringing about clarity. It’s funny, but I can sense when it’s time to grow and dig a little deeper. Does that ever happen to you? My first reaction is almost always hesitation. I know it’s time to stretch, but boy is it hard to do! I can sometimes be fooled to believe that today’s comfort zone outweighs the successes of tomorrow. When that happens, I end up staying put a little too long and put off the best next thing.

I’m learning to trust myself a little more. At the beginning of my journey to figure out my own style when it came to my drawings, I was hesitant to move and adjust. But, with time, I have seen that the more I yield and trust my instincts the more satisfied I am as an artist and the best is produced! An example of this would be my recent work with my Hoofed Animal Drawing Collection ( The path that led me to where I am now with my drawings has had many ups and downs, but if I did not give myself the grace and time to work through those times of wrestling, I would not have been able to produce this new collection of work that I LOVE! It took being uncomfortable, working through insecurities, discovering more about myself and deciding to take action.

“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

I would love to hear more about your journey and finding your own artistic style in the comments below! (Read Corrie’s other posts here and here)



P.S. I don’t regret for one minute taking Monica’s Smart Creative Style course. I took it at the start of CWdrawings and I still reference back to what I’ve learned and implement those lessons often! It was a great way to jump-start my discovery of who I am as an artist! (Get on the list for the revamp of Smart Creative Style!)

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  • Hi Corrie! Thank you for your candid and insightful post. Your description of finding one's style is so on target. I found myself agreeing with each point you made. My journey has many parallels, and it's comforting to know that other artists' experience mirrors my own.
    Your work is delightful and beautifully rendered. So happy to have discovered your site!
    Joan Chamberlain

  • I'm loving your work, Joan! Thanks so much for joining the conversation about finding your style – so good to relate with you!

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