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HI!! Excited to tell you about the new workshop I launched over on!

I call it a workshop since it is self paced and fast. There are 3 parts, lots of videos and activities and the cost is $38. Don’t let fast fool you, the activities in the workshop can take months to master and they are exciting. Who doesn’t want to know what makes them tick? I want you to unearth what your passion is or if you happen to have TOO many passions and ideas,  you will  be able to narrow them down and get started!

Tune into today’s video as I explain a bit more! Click here to find out more and to sign up!


What does it mean to have passion, a passion or to live with passion?

It is when you are applying your energy towards something that puts you at ease and pushes you to grow at the same time. The  word PASSION is certainly thrown around a lot and I think there is a misconception that once you get the golden fairy dust of passion in your life that suddenly all doubt and complication will be whisked away BUT that’s not REAL life. (Read this post to see what I mean!) I give lots of tips on spotting pitfalls that are so important!! We want nothing to get in your way (including yourself) so we take on that inner critic and put exercises in place that will help you build your instinct muscle! It’s time to start living a life of passion today, the choice is up to you!


Tom’s course Marketing 101 launched today too! We will both be back Monday to tell you all about it!

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