Designer Amanda Pearl Brotman brings style and charm to the world of accessories

Well, ladies you can only imagine how happy I was to interview this accessory designer!!!

I have been following  Amanda Pearl for some time and have fallen in love with everything about her style! Her handbags and jewelry are to-die-for chic! So girly, so sophisticated, right up my alley! Apparently, many celebrities agree with me.

Amanda creates elegant bags  that are so yummy, you want to take them everywhere you go.  She is so cute, she thinks you SHOULD add sparkle to your daily life whether you are sporting her jewelry or carrying a pretty handbag to lunch. I adore her philosophy about creating quality pieces of wearable art that are keepsakes. Listen in as she talks about her attention to detail and the trial and errors she has had in getting her work manufactured to her standards. I also think you can learn the gracious art of social media by following Amanda. She is effortless, sincere and FUN. Hard to do and she does it so well, so keep and eye on  her on Facebook  and on Twitter. 

And did you notice she is dog lover too? (I think dogs make you more creative, I’m just sayin’!)

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  • Hi, Monica, just stopping by to say I love your interviews and your website and your approach to business in general. I got to know you because you started following me on twitter, and I followed you back. I don’t know if you ever checked my work – I am a painter. I would love to know how you found me on twitter!
    Congratulations on your amazing work.
    Suzanna Schlemm

    • Monica Lee

      Morning Suzanna! Oh who knows how I find people, maybe when I followed someone else, I saw your icon? Sometimes twitter makes suggestions who you might want to follow. It is funny you ask because I first found today’s guest on Twitter!

  • Elizabeth Aviles

    One amazing journey! Congrats on your business career Amanda Pearl! ; ) Woot, woot to you Monica Lee on discovering amazing artists!

    ; )
    Elizabeth Aviles

    • Thanks Elizabeth! And many thanks to Monica!

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