Debi Sementelli’s new script

Remember those hand writing lessons you had in school? Debi Sementelli certainly does! She has turned hand lettering and calligraphy into a profitable career-even after she put it all on hold to raise her children. Tune into the interview and learn how Debi reentered the creative workforce and hear how she sincerely believes her work can help other small businesses. She has a heart for the creative working mom. She has learned the ins and outs of creating fonts and  glyphs for fonts, yikes! It is an art for sure and her fonts have been selling like hotcakes continuously falling into the BEST SELLERS category at My!

Debi has been kind enough to offer her fonts 30% off from her etsy shop to listeners! I, for one, adore her fonts and use them a lot (I may even have a tattoo to prove it!) Check them out here and use the code MONICALEE  in the checkout, the offer runs until Jan 23rd.

debisementelli  The font Dom loves Mary was named after Debi’s in-laws!




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