Dear Kate and Julie Sygiel, a perfect match

You are going to like this interview. File Julie Sygiel under the Smart Cookie category. This innovative engineering student took one entrepreneurial class in college and it was a game changer! She figured out something women need and she she set out create a solution. She designed leak proof, wicking, absorbent material for lingerie and unmentionables so perfect that you can’t help but mention it! Dear Kates offers underwear made from patent pending fabric that can help solve all sorts of female needs, from that time of the month to mom type leaks to hot flashes! Comfy, yes! I got samples!
Not only is the product innovative, so is Julie.
Listen in as she tells how she went about getting $1.2 million in venture capital funding! I like a girl who is making it happen and who is fearless. This interview will motivate you to think BIG…and it might motivate you to buy some really cute and practical lingerie! Haha!

She has offered a discount for Smart Creative Women audience until the end of Aug! She is offering $10 off your first purchase with the code smartcreativewomen! You can see all the goodies on the Dear Kates website!





  • Betz White

    Thanks for this interview! What a fabulous idea. Plus I like Monica’s idea for men and the whole damp pit problem. I know several men that could use an undershirt with special armpit lining, seriously! Great for job interviews and important meetings. And non-nursing bras for nursing moms to wear on date night or to work. God forbid you hear a baby cry and then there you are with a wet blouse! Ooh, and how about drooler bibs! My baby had a chapped chin for many months due to bibs that soaked right through. See Julie? Now you have a lot of work to do! 🙂

  • Melissa AuClair

    What an innovative girl! I loved this interview. And I loved how Julie is problem-based in her business AND sees things long term. Good insight and biz principles for all of us. Thanks Monica 🙂