David Siteman Garland Rises to the Top!

What? It’s a guy?! Not just any guy, though. It is the fun and bright cutie, David Siteman Garland from the web show The Rise to The Top. I stalked David online for sometime and then got brave and emailed him directly and even though he has a HUGE audience (hello, can we say 100,000 subscribers?!) he emailed me back! Maybe it was all the gushing I did (which I carried right into this interview…bare bear with me, girls!) The guests on his show rock…Seth Godin, Marie Forleo, Tim Ferriss and Ali Brown to name a few.  As soon as I saw that he was offering his own product Create Awesome Interviews, I must have been the very first one in line. I had just gotten started and needed to fill in the blanks! He certainly delivers (I like a man of his word!) I am now a happy affiliate.  His book is a super fun read that opens your mind to marketing in many ways that you may have not considered. He is simply a delight to talk to, I had to have him on Smart Creative Women…and yes, I was nervous..weird, right?

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  • Cindy Dyer says:

    Hi Monica,

    Another great interview, as usual!

    You might want to change that one phrase—“bare with me girls.” Unless, of course, you wanted us to “bare with you” (as in to strip off our clothes) and not “BEAR with you!” (Although he IS cute enough to want to “bare” yourself with!)

    Love, love, love your enthusiasm and your interview. Wonderful thing you’re doing here!

  • Cindy Dyer says:

    It was a great interview (as are all of yours). I really enjoy your site tremendously—it is such an inspiration!

  • Cindy Dyer says:

    Glad to make your day, David! 🙂 As a result of Monica’s interview, you now have a new listener/viewer AND I ordered your book!

  • suzanne says:

    It’s nice to be introduced to a marketing “expert through association” who walks the walk and talks the talk. As an artist I can’t tell you how many times I’ve opened an email on marketing oneself online only to see the “guru” conveyed absolutely nothing, it just SOUNDED like they were saying something. So thank you Monica for introducing us to David, and yes, he would be a good Regis replacement.


  • Congrats Monica! A great interview with one of my favorite people. I’m a big fan of David and The Rise To The Top, and it’s always nice to hear more of the backstory on how he got started.

    Would love to hear your story soon too! You’re a bundle of joy! Keep it up!

    • Monica Lee says:

      Wow! Joshua, that is so nice-I may quote you the next time my 14 year old son rolls his eyes at me!

  • Kathy Weller says:

    Wow! What a bright and charming guest GURU (Sorry David)! Thanks Monica for introducing all of us! I am ALL OVER that book , and I’ll check out Rise to the Top as well!

  • So glad I spotted this interview. I really love what David is saying. Sometimes looking around you feel like you must go the traditonal route and get into wholesale etc .. build something big. But ‘lifestyle business’and ‘giving to get’ really is a great alternative and its good to be reminded of that.. and I’ll be looking at his site! Thank you Monica x

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